Weekly Stitching

I left off on Alice and the B's here last week:
And due to a massively horrible work week, I barely made it here:
At least you can finally tell it's a raccoon now. No ranting this week...I barely have the energy to make this post. I hate this time of year work-wise and this upcoming week won't be any better, but hopefully I can get started on the doe.


Mii Stitch said…
I can't believe why each time you post stitching updates, you think you haven't achieved much!!!
Look at that, the racoon's face is all done and it looks great :)
As always, I'm admiring your little crosses.
Tiffstitch said…
Love that raccoon! Sorry the work week has been beyond bad and this week may be the same.
Linda said…
Awesome progress Keiley. The raccoon looks great.

Look at that little racoon face! So sweet.
Now imagine that sweet little furbaby gnawing the toes of the worst people at work!
That little raccoon is adorable!!! And just do what you can do.
Kate N said…
OK, I am in love with that raccoon! Did you stitch two of them? lol
Faith... said…
Great progress! Loving this piece!!
Emma Louise said…
I love the raccoon!
But you almost finished that raccoon! He's so cute.
Vickie said…
That is a cute raccoon...