More Penn trip

OK, it's time for me to stop ranting about my problems...the only way for me to get over all this mess is to find a way to move on and I can't do that if I can't get over it, so let's get back to the crappy, absolutely useless Pennsylvania trip, shall we? (Wait...did I just do it again?).

Most everything else we saw was pretty much from the car window, so this is the drive-by version of sites. Here is the Kentucky "castle" I always see from the interstate but have never seen close up. They have turned it into a hotel (it used to be a private residence):
And we managed to drive almost right up to it before we had to turn around:
Our first night we stayed in Bardstown, Kentucky, so we drove past "My Kentucky Home" (not sure what it is, but here it is):
and NUMEROUS bourbon distilleries (which are quite ugly):
We went to Transylvania University for the sole purpose of getting shirts (because they are cool things to have)...this history I do know a bit about...Kentucky was originally named Transylvania, but they decided to change it. Shame.
Some weird helicopter thing happening in Virginia (or West Virginia, sometimes it was hard to tell):
Of course, Trans Allegheny:
Thought this was interesting...wonder what space info they are downloading?
Everybody's got a gimmick:
I got a bit obsessed with rock formations in the highway digouts (or maybe it was boredom):
Giant rubber duckie (because why not?):
A cool coal breaker being dismantled not far from Centralia:
The graffiti road (and no, my hips aren't that camera bag is):
What do you do when you're stuck in traffic for an hour? Take fifteen million pictures of a series of bridges:
We got to Gettysburg too late, but if ANYONE knows why they used to make fences like this, please explain it to me:
Creepy Lincoln statue:
Extremely close to Burkittsville (aka Blair Witch country and Antietam), this weird, creepy, dead tree that completely fascinated me:
Not a very clear pic, but the sign of Burkittsville (that they changed to deter visitors after the movie came out):
Actually, only two places in the town where filmed in the original movie, the sign and the cemetery, aka here:
I was holding the camera pretty steady, but had a very hard time getting a clear picture (which is pretty hard with my camera):
A quick circle through the start of Antietam:
Crossing the Potomac into Shepherdstown, the supposed most haunted town in America (none of the pictures past this point turned out-a sign?):
A preview of one of the many Oak Ridge, Tennessee facilities:
The Parthenon in Nashville (always wanted to go there, but we didn't plan it well because there was an arts festival there as well as a Vanderbilt game and it was utter chaos):
Why do I love my camera so much? Didn't even notice the netting on the Parthenon until I was editing the pictures:
Call me kooky, but not only is Athena ugly, she's creepy too!
And that's it...we were four hours from home at that point, so really nothing of interest other than numerous interstate walls (I do have my weird fetishes!).

It was a quick trip and was absolutely useless, but at least we got to go to some cool places even if we didn't get to stay very long and see some cool things. I just wish I had been in a better frame of mind and had been able to process everything better. I SOOOO love a road trip even though my Sister hates them. I need to find a road-trip partner...someone who can handle my road-warrior type of travel.


Linda said…
Awesome pictures Keiley. Looks like a neat trip.

Elaine said…
My dad's family is from the original Transylvania, in Romania. I need to get something from that University! Cool pics.
Awesome pictures. ... that dead tree is fascinating and that arc is funny 😀 it's odd what people do isn't it. We all have our quirks.
Tiffstitch said…
Very nice summary and some more great photos! For the fence, would it be pre-nails? So they had to make it work as well as possible?
Mii Stitch said…
It might have been what you think was a useless trip but you got to go out and about and see some nice things.
I agree that dead tree looks so weird. Did you notice the electric cable? Maybe that could explain why the tree died.
Nice of you to share your pics, it was interesting for us living far away from the States ;)
Awesome pictures! I hope you get to go back and explore those places some more one day!
Fantastic photos, including the fake castle! Was Lincoln a living statue? He looks very much like he might move suddenly!
The spooky tree was greay, surprised that it hasn't been hit by a lorry and lost it's branches.
I can imagine you as a road warrier with Mad Max leathers and two little dogs running beside you with big studded collars!
You've seen a lot of interesting things on your trip! I think the US are way ahead of Europe in terms of roadside attractions.
Tama said…
Pretty pics even if it was a boring trip :D We have a lot of those cutout roads where I live.
The fence is called a split-rail fence, and it was made that way when no blacksmiths and/or nails were available. I've seen them much neater than that one, though!
Vickie said…
This looks like fun!!! I love all the pictures!!!