Thursday, August 17, 2017

Disney, Aspers, Children and a Top 5

You may have noticed that it seems as though I don't care much for children by some of my Disney reviews, which makes Disney World a very unlikely vacation spot for me. I feel the need to explain myself a bit because parents may not understand or be offended by my jabs (however rude or witty they may or may not be). I apologize now because this may be a long one!

Overall, I can't hate kids because I'm nothing but a big kid myself, but, and here's the big caveat...nowhere else have I seen the level of bad behavior in children (and adults for that matter) than I've seen in Disney World (and Disneyland too) and every year it gets worse. I don't blame the kids, but rather the parents and it's very easy to lump them into categories by their offspring's behavior.

Granted, their are exceptions and even the best-behaved of children can have a bad moment or even day, but the kids to which I refer are easy to spot because their negative energy is so strong is just about knocks me down and their parent's are even worse, so imagine what it's like for me when they are all together (remember what I said about Aspers and our senses?). Disney World may be my most favorite place on earth, but it is also my worst nightmare thanks to these little constellations of black holes.

These are the type of parents who think that, just because they are either well-off financially or because they paid a ton of money to come to Disney, their children have more rights than you do (yes, their room might have a better view, but they paid the same amount to get into the parks that you did). They can cut you off in line, grab potential purchases right out of your hands, and even expect you to move from a walkway to make room for them and their posse like they are a royal procession. You often find these type of guests at the deluxe resorts, but their kid numbers tend to be low (one or two at most). Ironically enough, these tend to be the "cheapest" kind of guests in that they rarely spend money on souvenirs and quite often publicly (and rather loudly) complain about how much things cost.

I spent my childhood trying to appear "normal", often failing miserably. Since I have trouble judging people's facial expressions or reactions (and still do), my paranoia would often kick in and I would think that everyone was staring at me or making fun of me because they knew I was "weird". Now I can "fake it until I make it" or just plain shut off reactions when I feel this way but, upon occasion, I still have a bit of carry-over from those dark days. These type of people tend to awaken that sleeping dragon and I tend to regress to that scared little kid. Ever try your hardest not to trip over something and end up doing it anyway? Same sort of trying too hard not to be weird, I come off weirder and people, especially the kids of this type of parents, tend to point and stare and make fun of me out loud, because they feel privileged to do so. Result is, I end up locked in my hotel room for the rest of the day crying while the stuck-ups are roaming the parks worry free. I hate them most of all.

These parents tend to be the most dangerous because of their philosophy that "kids should be kids". They allow them to climb all over everything including roped-off, restricted, and potentially dangerous areas because "they are just having fun"...common sense rarely comes into play by either set. These parents tend to throw hissy fits when their children aren't allowed on rides due to height restrictions because "it's not fair", doesn't matter that it might be a safety issue that they can't ride. These tend to be high-numbered breeders so their kids are everywhere, or tend to bring friends, cousins, neighbors, etc with them, adding to their pack numbers. These families tend to stay at the values or moderates and you will often hear them running up and down the walkways at 2 am, banging on random visitors doors, parents far behind yelling, but in the nicest way possible..."don't do that honey!". These children often get hurt or hurt others and Disney gets the blame.

These kids don't bother me too much other than disturbing my sleep or running into me, but I do have the overwhelming desire to slap the parents upside the head sometimes (and I admit I do smile when the monsters get hurt...sometimes lesson is learned, other times, they just go right back to doing it). They do, however, bother the crap out of everyone else, which tends to make everyone else grumpy and the overall happy atmosphere can change in a heartbeat. Again, vibes, senses, and Aspers.

These are the types of parents that are way too self-absorbed to even notice they have kids, let alone pay attention to their bad behaviors. They are often seen on their phones or looking elsewhere while the children terrorize all those around them. And terrorize is an understatement because these children tend to be the most violent of beasts, often kicking and hitting complete strangers standing next to them in line (aka, me) because "it's fun", daring you to say or do something back. But, god-forbid, you should say or do something back because the parents are all over you like white on rice, threatening to smash your face in. These are the same parents that don't discipline their kids because it's "cruel" and "teaches them bad behaviors" (yeah, and them cussing me out or threatening my life isn't teaching them anything?). These type of parents are, thankfully, small breeders, probably due to their selfishness, so you don't have to worry about dealing with more than 1 or 2 little ones. If you can survive a few kicks, maybe "accidentally" return a kick or two, then all is well and trust me, I have no issue kicking a kid back...when it comes to revenge, I do not discriminate against gender, age, color, or creed. Just add a little "oh, I'm SOOOO sorry honey, are you OK?" in the sweetest Southern voice I can muster, and these parents go back to their phones. I still profess that THESE children are our future serial killers of the world. They can be found at all level of resort.

Obviously, it costs a ton of money to go to Disney, and the more kids you have (which this group typically has more than average), the worse it gets. These groups often only get one chance to ever go to Disney World and therefore, they feel the need to squeeze every single minute they can out of their trips, pushing their little ones 18+ hours per day with very little to no rest at all. Meltdowns are common in this group with both children and parents and it spreads to all those around them. It doesn't matter that their child is screaming uncontrollably throughout a show or half the night because of sunburns or swollen feet, we all must suffer because removal from said show or a daily nap is not an option given their busy schedules. These are almost always exclusively in the thin-walled value resorts.

Disney is a place that is constantly changing and it's HUGE. Most people don't realize that until they get there and, even then, they still believe they can do it all and everyone walks away miserable. You could spend every waking moment at Disney World and you would still never see or do it all. But these parents are going to give it a go, much to the torment of their children (and all those around them). The side effect on the child is that they grow up hating Disney because of their bad childhood experience and that's just sad.

I easily could have been one of these kids because my parent's fell into this category when we first went. Thank goodness I'm an Asper and was already Disney obsessed! Even my parents couldn't ruin it (no matter how hard they tried). All they managed to do was ensure that I never took another "family" vacation again, not with them that is. Well, at least not until 2004 when I thought we were all adults now and it would be much easier...THAT was the last family trip I'll ever take! I discussed that trip before in this review as well are more details about my first trip if anyone is interested.

This group differs from #1 in a very specific way...they tend to cover all of the above groups and then some although they have very little effect on me physically because Aspers aren't known for our empathy or sympathy. When people become parents, they put their children first, which is the way it should be (or is supposed to be...someone forgot to tell my parents this), but when you have thousands upon hundreds of thousands with the same attitude, that's a lot of self prioritizin' goin' on.

The best way to describe this group is an example...I've scouted out a place for a parade, planted myself down up to an hour ahead of time and waited patiently, only to have someone with children walk up two minutes before the parade and either plop their children right down in front of me (because you should ALWAYS hand your child over to a stranger, especially one with mental issues), try to move me by pushing and shoving at me in "gentle" ways to see if they can annoy me into letting them through (or worse, get the kid to do it), or blatantly tell me to move because their kid can't see because Disney is for kids and I'm an "adult".

If they are nice about it (which is VERY rare), I will often let the child in front of me (even though they could have also gotten there early and waited just like I did), but when they are rude, my demon comes out and I fight back just as hard. Maybe it's because Asperger's causes me to have the emotional capacity of a 12 year-old, but I will fight anyone, be it child or adult, to the death who believes they have more right to see Donald Duck close up than I do. It also doesn't help that 9 times out of 10, the kid could care less about the parade or they get bored in 5 minutes in anyway and tend to ruin my view by doing everything but watching the parade. But then again, these parents often have their phones or cameras thrust right out in front of me anyway, so it's not like I have an uninterrupted view even if the kid sits still.

Same goes with fireworks but then you have the added bonus of shoulder-sitting, the rudest of all entitled parental behavior! I will attest, that not once...NOT ONE SINGLE TIME IN 30 YEARS, has a kid been put on their parent's shoulders in front of me that oohed and ahhed through the fireworks for more than one minute max and it's usually because they are on shoulders and not because of the fireworks. I have picture after picture proof of this. The parents have NO idea that their kid is sitting there bored, playing games on their phones or tablets, sometimes even sleeping...all they know is that when they try to put them down, they cry so they must be enjoying fireworks, right? WRONG!! When I was a kid, I LOVED being on my Daddy's shoulders and it's one of the few memories I have of my mother and real father being married. But we weren't in Disney World with throngs of people behind us trying to see. All it accomplishes is causing a chain reaction of other kids on shoulders and one day, someone is going to crack a skull. Disney needs to ban that shit.

I will admit I don't get that "gushy" feeling that females are supposed to feel over children and I never "felt that desperate urge to breed", so add that into the mix if you want, but I still attest that I don't hate kids. Even when I was one, I wasn't allowed to behave badly in public even with my issues (although I did have a bad moment or two in my lifetime, more on that in a moment). I especially hate it when an Asper child is allowed to behave badly for no other reason than because "they can't help it"...that's bullshit and I'm living proof so that excuse will NEVER wash with me.

But I can share one little nugget of personal showing-out from my very first trip at age 10. I wanted this plush Mickey and Minnie set and my mother said I could only have one or the other because both cost too much. Well, you CAN'T split them up, they GO together, so I had a literal meltdown like a 3 year-old in the middle of the store. After being dragged off to the bathroom for a well-deserved spanking, I decided that I didn't want them after all if I couldn't have both because it wouldn't be fair to them to be split up. Needless to say, in the end, I got both although I wasn't allowed another souvenir the entire trip and we went to numerous other places like SeaWorld, Circus World and Cape Canaveral. Lesson learned and I wished they would have survived the ages because now I have no souvenirs from that trip at all other than a handful of scanned pictures that are HORRIBLE! Mickey and Minnie were killed by years of attic neglect by my parents...ironic considering they were the ones who didn't want to buy them in the first place. If I would have known they were up there, I would have saved them years ago.

I'm digressing here...point is, despite my sometimes rather sharp barbs at parents, children, Disney's lack of spine when it comes to enforcing rules, be it their own, or just the general rules of society, I am a Disney girl through-and-through and I will never stop going, no matter how bad the kids or the parents get. Disney World is a big place and there are always escape routes when the surroundings get too bad and I can't count the number of times I've had to "exit stage left" because of some conglomeration of wild heathens (no matter their ages). But even cold-hearted, non-child loving me can tear up at the sight of a kid going all fan-girl over Donald Duck because I still do the same thing!

So parents, long story short (WAY TOO LATE!), I don't hate kids, just bad kids and worse, bad parents!

Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Disney Resort Reviews #11: Disney's All-Star Movies Resort

Aspers + Disney Value Resorts = mahem, stress, sensory overload, horror...well, you get the point. Do I need to mention at this point that Aspers have major sensory issues and that I'm no exception to that rule? Sounds, overwhelming visuals, extreme smells, and flashing lights (plus I have a brain tumor, so that's a definite no-no) all are amplified in us. Aspers also tend to be very attune to that illusive sixth sense in that we are extremely sensitive to the energy levels around us be they from people or objects or electronics. And, before you ask, no, I'm not psychic by any means, but I would consider myself spirit sensitive in that I typically know when "ghosts" are present and I have seen one or two in my day, but that's another story for another post.

And, just as an aside, I've always had a major fear of trees (forests in particular) because of the overwhelming sensory issues they come can't tell where any noise is coming from, everything is moving in different directions at once, and woods are typically filled with witches and booger-bears anyway (and bugs, don't get me started on the bugs!). Everyone I know finds this extremely odd, especially since it is quite woodsy in Arkansas (it is called "the Natural State" after all) and my all-time favorite Disney resort is Wilderness Lodge. One of the first things I learned is that dendrophobia is one of the most common Asper fears. Yea me! I'm not alone in the world! Trees are only acceptable viewing features from the safety of the car window in my opinion.

But anyhoo, back in 2004 we used the bus stops at the All-Stars as a way point to get from one park to another and I nearly lost it from sensory overload and I've been terrified of them ever since. For those that don't know, Value resorts are very big, loud, colorful, and geared toward children (or at least the non-Asper kind). Families love it there because it's affordable and kid-friendly. Aspers hate it because it is literally their worst nightmare...children running everywhere, large colorful things everywhere, noise everywhere...again, I think I've made my point.

But I figured that bus stop fiasco was 12 years ago, I now have my diagnosis and I can deal better with some of my issues than I used to be able to (or at least I can understand why it's happening and take a Xanax). When I drive to Disney World, it makes sense, financially at least, to pay for one night at a value to save money because I usually don't arrive until late at night (thanks to my dislike of the great state of Alabama and the TSA). I should also add that most of my Disney trips are paid for by my Sister or I'd probably be stuck in a value for the entire trip (because I'm single and poor) hence my usual resort stays are at the other levels of resorts (and I have gone in-depth about these ad nauseum in various other reviews, so I'm not going to do that again). And, if I'm honest, I may be poor, but I do tend to live quite a bit out of my means and am a bit of a snob when it comes to hotels (as well as other things), but I do still live in a trailer, so I can't be that snobby, right?

I tested the Value waters very carefully once before for a night at The Art of Animation Resort just after it was built and did "OK" (but my Sister was with me). For this past trip, AOA was booked, I just didn't think I can handle Pop Century sensory-wise, so that just left the All-Stars...I hate Sports, so that was out, Music had no availability either, so Movies it was!

Besides, I'm not sure if my Sister is aware (so don't tell her just in case), but she and I have this competition on...I have technically stayed at more different Disney resorts than her and I'm quite proud of that fact! I do all that I can to keep my total above hers even when her actual number of visits exceeds mine, so anytime I can add a different resort to the fray, I'm pretty darn happy!

On with the plethora of pictures! It was dark when I arrived:
And, although I had driven the route with Google Maps literally hundreds of times before-hand, nighttime was a whole other ballgame. To add to the terror, fireworks were going off as I pulled into the resort...have you ever tried driving under extreme stress while fireworks are going off right above your head? I'm surprised I didn't crash! But I did arrive safe and sound:
Although I did sit in the car for quite a while talking on the phone with my Sister trying to get up the courage to go inside, which I did eventually do:
But the combo of the drive, the fireworks, and the scaredy-cat gene meant that I didn't get a lot of pics of the lobby area that night. I was put in the Toy Story section:
Which was fine because location didn't matter since I was moving to the Beach Club the next day. Good thing it was dark and I was still a bit freaked out when I arrived or else this scene would have killed me!
The room itself was your typical Value room:
Simple, efficient, paper-thin walls, etc:
The colors in the bathroom were a bit disconcerting, but I could deal for one night (literally less than 8 hours actually):
I got up the next morning with the intention of walking around the entire resort and taking pictures...I literally managed about 30 minutes before I started freaking out and had to get out of there. It was just too much. But I did manage to get a few shots.
Notice the people in the right of the do you get a guess as to the size of the things around there? Sure, I love Woody and Buzz as much as the next person, but when they are 100ft tall, they tend to have that "Stay-Puft Marshmallow Man" effect!
I did make it to the pool:
And to the main building:
With the intention of getting some breakfast, but it was so loud and busy in there, I just couldn't do it and, in record speed, I was packed up and heading out to the Beach Club, which will be my next review!

Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Road warrior Keebs has been at it again!

I have been frantically trying to finish uploading Disney pics while editing Dallas/Duran pics (or at least mine...don't have Amber's Dallas pics yet) so I could get to the pics that I took Saturday because, yes folks, I once again went on a whirlwind road trip.

As of Friday afternoon, I still hadn't decided where I wanted to go. I even put folded up choices in a cup and passed it around at work to pick a destination. It came out four for Marceline, Missouri (Walt's childhood home), four for Gulfport Stennis, and four for St. George Island in Florida. In my heart, I knew exactly where I was going because I knew that I couldn't do Marceline or Stennis by myself. I made the decision to go through Alabama to make the way there shorter so that I could get home Sunday morning at a "decent" hour (apparently, that's a matter of opinion...more on that later).

I woke up earlier than expected on Saturday and managed to get out of the house at 2:30 am (although I didn't manage to pull out of the drive until 3 am...more in a mo). Most of the morning, this is all I saw:
Here's where I should interject an important lesson...I think I've made it clear I'm not a fan of driving through Alabama. I purposely go an extra four hours each way just to avoid it when I go to Disney World. But I felt I had a handle enough on things because I glanced at a map several times during the week (mistake #1), I have GPS in my car (mistake #2), somewhere in my house I thought I had a road atlas (mistake #3) and, when all else fails, I always have my phone for GPS purposes (saving grace). Four missed turns, three massive traffic stops due to wrecks, and constant fighting with my vehicle's GPS, I finally made it to St. George Island at 2pm (one hour later than I planned and five hours earlier than my vehicle's GPS wanted me to be there).

Let me just say, it was well worth the hassle to get there:
The shells were amazing! I had my pick of as many as I wanted in practically every color of the rainbow:
I didn't do this, but someone must have known I was coming...notice a particular shape here?
Of course I had to do my favorite kind of pic:
I stayed for about an hour and a half...about as long as my broken toes could handle walking in the sand and my back could carry the full bag of shells in my backpack. I took the long way home...down the coast road as far as could go until I ran out of daylight and then I10 it was until I hit Mississippi and back North to home it was. There are dozens of pictures of that route too, but they are all in the album if anyone cares enough to see them. I managed to make it home at 4:30am on Sunday, way better than I expected. I really never manage a clear picture of it, but after a day like that, I do have to admit that there is nothing more I love than to see the Welcome to Arkansas sign (even though it's still another hour and a half until home from here):
When all was said and done, I ended up with a ton of beautiful shells.
The white ones in the back are months of Gulfport trips including about 10 big ones that my Aunt gave me...all the ones in the front are what I picked up on St. George. I wish I didn't have some of the issues I have because I would have loved to have gone into the lighthouse and some of the amazing shops on the island. I was lucky I was able to get out at the beach.

People find it odd that I'm not scared to drive thousands of miles away (1377.8 to be exact) for long periods of time (23.25 hrs of actual driving time to be exact) but that I can't go inside places when I get there. You should see me trying to go inside gas stations to go to the bathroom! I do prefer rest stops when it comes to that sort of thing (I am old and I come from a time when rest stops were safe and I still feel safe at them...a hell of a lot more than gas stations). I never could stop for food and ended up getting snacks at 1:14am at a very scary gas station because I was shaking from lack of food (I bring sodas and protein shakes, but never food...I try to use it as a tool to make myself stop for food, but it NEVER'd think I'd catch on by now and pack a bag of licorice or something).

As of right now, I feel better than I've felt in months! This trip was exactly what I needed. I just hope the euphoria sticks around for at least a little while. At least Dallas/Duran pics and Disney pics are done, so as soon as I have some free time, I should be able to start with the Disney trip reviews!

Thursday, August 10, 2017

Happy Duran Duran Appreciation Day!

Although I have pretty much been listening to nothing but Take That since this whole depression thing set in, I still always have my boys in my heart and this is the week I celebrate them most, especially today since it is an official holiday! From my very humble beginnings as a 10 year-old girl falling in love with this very young and handsome man:
To even today, when we've both aged more than our fair share, but he still looks as hot to me today as he did then (if only I could say the same about myself):

So for my video dedication, I'm going with the Duran song that was written with the Duranies in's their song to us:

And, since once is never enough, let's go as far back as one the demo version of Planet Earth, which I can guarantee that only a Duranie has ever seen:

To my favorite spin off (sorry Power Station):

To my ever favorite:

A bit of solo Simon (because I can):

To the most recent video they've done:

And finally, to the one song that should be my anthem right now considering how everything in my life is going:

"The past is another country, the present will never last, the future is still tomorrow, are we living too fast?" Story of my life.

Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Disney teaser

I've got all my Disney pictures edited and uploaded (and yea me, I ended up editing them down to less than 5000 for me), but I want to finish my Dallas pictures before I get into reviews, so here's a bit of a teaser (and Amber, this one's for you)....FOUR PARKS, ONE DAY! WOO HOO!

Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Things, well they are a changin...

I tried really hard to stitch last week. I switched to Alice and the B's on Monday. I left off at the end of row 3 back in April:
And this is how far I got before I got bored Monday:
So sad!

On Tuesday, I decided I wanted to rearrange my Captain America stuff and ended up dropping a Yankee Candle on my toe. I thought I had just broken one toe, but apparently, I broke two.
Since I have web toes, it's hard to tell sometimes, but my third toe on my right foot was the only toe on either foot I have never broken. Poor second toe has already been broken twice. There aren't too many bones I haven't broken in my lifetime, but at least broken toes don't hurt much and, since there is nothing they can do about them, you don't have to worry about tons of medical expenses. At least they are pretty colors!

Again, thanks to the ever amazing Jo, I decided that is it finally time to edit my last Disney trip pictures and to do new reviews. I've got my Sister's pictures done and I'm about halfway done with mine. Once I get them uploaded, let the reviews begin. Maybe by the time I'm done with those, I'll be in the stitchy mood again!

I did get my old Jasmine wall rearranged:
I took down the family photos and started the new Jasmine wall:
I still have to get Strangely Lonely framed and I'll have my Sister pick up the new Aurora one in Disney World in October and then the wall will be officially done until I get Alice and the B's finished. Once I get Aurora, she will replace the first Haunted Mansion Bride next to Maleficent and the two Brides will be together on the second wall. I also want to get all the Horseman Unseelies, but I'm not sure how they will go with the others...maybe I need a third Jasmine wall!

The new Disney Villain stamps also came out and I ordered the framed set of those as well. Maybe I'll be able to post those pics next week.

Sunday, July 23, 2017

Weekly Stitching

Granted, it still isn't great, but I did get some work done this week. I left off on The Bride Dollmaker last week with just a few minutes work:
I clocked out tonight at just 8 hours, most of which was done today:
I won't say that my stitchy bug is back, but I'm just trying my damnedest to get back to normal, even if I have to force it until it becomes routine again.

I will say though, I absolutely LOVE the thread that came with this kit! It's just supposed to be plain old DMC, but it's unlike any DMC I've ever used! It's so clean and solid and even. I also like the fact that the symbols are not just "standard" symbols. I haven't had issue with misreading symbols because there isn't a left arrow right next to a right arrow or an L right next to a backward L. These symbols are more like skull and crossbones, bombs, crosses, and airplanes.

This was also the first weekend that I have spent two full days at home in almost six weeks. Part of me really wanted to get up Saturday and drive to the coast. My car is in good shape now, but I doubt it will be if I keep driving a 1000 per week. I've got to find another outlet. I've got two years before my car is paid off, so I've got to make it last. Maybe one trip a month or something.

This week's F-U to the parent's pic comes with a side notation...I thought about giving her a name and the brilliant Jo jumped in with the almost perfect answer of Wilhelmina, which made me think of Wistermina, since she is, afterall, a Wisteria and I think that's the name that's sticking.
You will notice that the poor lilacs have almost been smothered. Part of me feels sorry for them, but apparently not sorry enough to stop watering them, which I'm sure that Wistermina is stealing anyway.

Monday, July 17, 2017

I Stitched!

...for approximately 20 minutes on Sunday afternoon, but hey, better than last week! I spent the better part of the first of the week trying to figure out what I was going to do to get my stitchy bug back and, in the end, I decided I was just going to have to start a new project. I decided that The Bride Dollmaker was the one to start:
And I wasted the remainder of the week piddling through winding bobbins and gridding up fabric (I didn't want to use the 25ct Magic Guide that came with the kit...I prefer my 28ct Monaco). As many scroll rods as I have, I've reached the bottom of the barrel and had a hard time finding ones to fit this project. Probably should have just gone out and bought new ones, but I didn't want to. Alas, after another trip down to the coast on Saturday (more on that in a moment), I managed a whole 22.5 minutes worth of stitching on Sunday before I got too interested in the movie I was watching (which required three views) and then I ended up getting a headache and that was that. But here is where I left off:
I did enjoy while I was stitching, I just got distracted. Maybe I can go home tonight and sink in properly, but I still have my headache, so we'll see.

I am having some trouble with the GeckoRouge kit. They are expensive considering. It's not a very big project and I went with the 1x1 because I knew I'd be switching out the fabric. I think I could have built the kit myself with a chart much cheaper. The paper they are printed on is just that, paper (although high quality). I prefer to use copy cover paper when I print my charts because it's much stronger (not as think as card stock, but can hold up to handling) and there isn't a digital version so, even though I scanned the chart in, I can't do my usual symbol search, only blow up sections. It's on that weird A whatever paper that isn't used much in the States, so that also takes a bit of getting used to (and didn't translate well when I tried to print it off on my beloved copy cover paper). There also isn't that grayed-out overage from page to page like most charts have, so I'm going to have to be careful and make sure I count properly or I'll wind up frogging a lot. The counts at the tops and sides of the pages don't go from 10 to 20 etc, they start at 140, go down to 0 in the middle and then go back up again to 140...that was a bit weird and then the same on the sides. The stitching edge doesn't start in the beginning of a block either, it starts on the 10th row of the first block. Weird.

I don't think any of these issues are difficult problems or deterrents, just weird for someone who's gotten used to things a certain way and has to learn to adjust. Aspers don't adjust well though, so it hasn't been easy. I'm trying to see it as more of a challenge rather than an adjustment...challenges trump adjustments any day! I am a bit worried that it's small size will affect the level of detail I'm kind of expecting. I do so love this design...I'd hate to see it not be the amazing project I was so hoping it would be!

Back to the gulf I went again on Saturday...this time with my Aunt in tow. I've got a bit of a project on at the moment. I want to collect enough shells and then a good section of sand to make "something" (although I'm not sure exactly what yet), but summer on the gulf just isn't good shell-hunting time. Plus, the water was pretty stirred up for some reason:
So I decided to push it and see if we could make it to Orange Beach. Of course, I10 through Mobile was a total cluster-fudge and we ended up getting stuck in near dead traffic for about an hour, but once we got back on track, there was apparently a motorcycle/bike thing going on and after watching groups of them doing wheelies, standing on the tops of the their bikes, and flipping in and out of traffic very dangerously all the way down, I made the decision that if they turned left toward Orange Beach, we would go right toward Fort Morgan. Needless to say, we ended up here:
Which is fine because, as Kate knows, I love a good fort! And, because I had my Aunt with me, I had the courage to ride the ferry back across instead of fighting that I10 traffic back and saved us over an hour of travel time! Sorry about the quality...any other time I would have taken a real camera.
Makes me want to go "mine, mine, mine!". Speaking of which, holy crap did Disney World find a few hundred billion dollars lying around or something? My goodness! I think they went nuts with all the announcements at D23 for future projects at Disney World! Gondolas, Epcot gutting, Magic Kingdom theaters and rides, Mickey ride at DHS and new info on Star Wars Land and Toy Story Land! Geez! I don't know whether to be excited or scared, but that's the way Disney is...just because you've been once doesn't mean you've seen it. In a year or so it's like a whole new world (pardon the pun).

Oh, and since I'm in a fairly good mood despite my's a big F-you to the parents!