Weekly Stitching

Another week down and another week of stitching, although not nearly as good this week as last (and next week will be even worse considering I'm working double shifts all next week). I left off on here on Night Wish last week:
And I managed all but the horrible white center of the moon:
It's very mundane, but it must be done, especially if I want to move on to the next project row finish.

I'm in the final season of Charmed and I've already started ordering the DVDs...should have known, me and my OCD! I do have to stop watching long enough to get caught up on some of my other shows. I don't watch a lot of current TV, but when did the media get so spoiler happy? If I don't watch them soon, it will be useless.

I've also finally weened myself of the Ritalin. No more horrible therapy appointments for me! Now I just have to work out the myriad of other issues I have on my own, but I know I can do it now that the pressure is off on all levels. I already feel better, even if I'm kind of alone right now. I just have to take it one day at a time.


I know we aren't there with you in person but I am sure any of us would be here for an ear to listen if you ever need it.
You filled in quite a bit on Night Wish! That row will be finished in no time :)
Great perseverance with the moon!
Also glad that you are sorting out the meds. It's such a personal experience, you have to find what works for you.
Linda said…
Great progress Keiley. I'm so glad to hear that your starting to feel better. If you ever want someone to talk to don't hesitate to give me a call. I'm here for you.

Great progress! Maybe some mindless fill-in stitching on the moon will be just the right thing for a super-busy week now?
Vickie said…
I am so happy to hear that you are doing better....sometimes being alone is a good thing. I own all eight seasons of charmed! LOVE them!!!