Weekly Stitching

I am determined to finish this row of Alice the B's before I start back on a normal rotation routine, but work is foiling my plans. I left off here last week:
And most of the progress I made was today:
Maybe I'll have it finished by next weekend...here's hoping, but the work week won't be any better, so I'm not countin' my chickins! And how freaky does Snow's empty mouth look with her eyes rolled back in her head like that? I think I'll save her lips for last just because I think it's funny!

I stayed late at work Friday night so my weekend could be free for the first time in weeks, but because I didn't leave work until 3 am Saturday morning and I had to take Bugs to the vet for his bi-annual checkup at 8 am, I wasn't much good on Saturday. I did get the duck room cleaned up a bit and broke down some of the boxes I've been saving for the move to the house I haven't built yet. It's still a mess, but at least I can see some of my Disney stuff in that room again:
And goodness knows if I'll ever get to build that house anyway, especially with all these stupid medical bills, but I must still be hopeful because I'm still saving boxes, longing for the day when all the Disney stuff is in one room instead of spread all over the place. Oh, to have an "adult" bedroom without Disney villains and princesses staring at me while I sleep (when I sleep in the bedroom...which is rare, I'm still living on the couch) or Mickey watching me pee in the bathroom (which isn't rare because that bathroom is close to the couch).

I did join an Asperger forum. It took me a few days to do the introduction thing, but hopefully I can get support there that I'm not getting from family and the so-called professionals. From what I've been reading already, it's been amazing just reading the words of others who feel a lot like I do. I probably won't be posting much (I never cared much for posting on forums, just reading them), but I already feel quite a bit better, so it was worth the intro post.

On a positive note, Vickie over at Reading and Stitching has started FlossTubing. I spent a lot of today catching up on her videos. I kind of feel like all my stitchy bloggy friends are jumping over to FlossTube on me! If I ever do get to build a "real" house though, I think I will give it a go (if there is still a FlossTube by then).

Oh well, it's about to storm, so I'd better get off the computer for a while. Nothing else to report anyway. Life is quite boring at the moment and I've forgotten how much I missed that. I will never complain about that again!


You make huge amounts of progress to me! Love Snow's weird expression too.
The Disney shelves are incredible, plush mountain in your own home!
I am pretty certain I will never do FlossTube although I do enjoy watching them. Do you watch Tracy P? I think you might like her, and she has two cute dogs too.
Bethan said…
Great progress on the Alice project - I'm glad Snow's eyes are in otherwise she would look doubly creepy! Oh my gosh I love all your Disney stuff! Such a great collection!! Very jealous. I've never heard of FlossTube - I'm slightly worried about asking or googling as I fear it may be something else to distract me from all my marking! x
Faith... said…
You made good stitching progress. That is certainly a lot of Disney in that room!

I refuse to start looking at Floss Tube because I already waste toooo much time on the darn internet instead of stitching.

Good luck with your new support group, I hope it helps you.
Mii Stitch said…
I feel exactly like Faith about floss tube... I will not waste my time, I'd rather be stitching :)
As always, you have made great progress on your stitching!!!
Linda said…
I still wish I could stitch as fast as you Keiley. Love your duck room. I'm so happy to hear that you found a support group.

Super progress! And you look to be quite close to finishing that row. If you could get a good stretch of time I am sure you would be able to finish it this week.
Glad you found a forum. Even just knowing you aren't the only one going through something is sometimes helpful enough.
And I do love watching flosstube but I am sure I will never have the guts to make a video. It does look like fun but I don't think it is for me :) Would love to see a video from you someday though!
Again, that was some nice progress in my eyes, and I'm sure you can finish the row this coming weekend! Is that another critter next to the raccoon?

Joining a forum sounds like a marvelous idea. Finding people who were 'like me' (which was just incredibly geeky and awkward in my case) immensely boosted my self esteem and helped me feel more at ease with myself when I discovered the internet in my teens. Hopefully it will have a similar effect for you.
Vickie said…
OH!! So glad you liked my videos!! I do find that I waste a lot of stitching time but I get sucked in and love to listen to others talk about stitching! it is lots of fun for me!!!
I love all your Disney collection!!! I can see where it would be overwhelming! I have faith that you will build your house and I can't wait to see it!!!!