Weekly Stitching

Well, I didn't have a two day interruption this week, but I finally stopped fighting that expensive American Dreams lap stand and just held the stupid Q-Snaps in my hands. It slowed me down, but I was still able to stitch two-handed, I guess since they are long ones and able to sit in my elbow bend. It's just a shame that Q-Snaps won't fit in my regular lap stand. I worship that thing! I left off here last week:
Along with the slowness, I'm also getting extremely bored with this piece, but I did make it to here:
I'm not sure if I'm going to hold out with it until the end of the year or not. I've almost finished two of the eleven left in the row, but I seriously doubt, at least at this rate, I'll ever make it. The Bride Dollmaker is calling me again too, but I don't think I have a snowball's chance with that one either since I have four full pages on that one...but four pages are better than nine. Guess it will depend on how I feel tomorrow.

This week was also Christmas bonus time...we don't get a lot, but it's better than nothing. If I was smart, I'd use the money to pay on that stupid massive hospital bill or to pay down my credit cards, but instead, I hit up my Amazon wishlist like it was Christmas! I wish I could say that I regret it, but I don't. I'm so far behind on my figurines (and don't get me started on the Funkos and books), but the odds of me ever getting caught up is next to nil.

I had initially planned to use the money to take a little trip down the coast to some Florida shelling beaches, but I still don't think I'm ready for that just yet, although I seriously want to. Who knows, maybe I can save up a few bucks between now and then and see what's possible.


Justine said…
You made TONS of progress on Sleepy Hollow and it looks fab! But stitch on what is calling the loudest.
I agree with Justine! Work on what you enjoy.
Linda said…
You always make great progress on your projects Keiley. Christmas bonus' are meant to spent on Christmas shopping for yourself.

Mii Stitch said…
As always, this is huge progress in my eyes!
Best stitch on what takes your fancy, so that your hobby remains fun :)
Great progress! I can see how it might be getting boring with the same colours being used over and over so this too might have to be enjoyed in small doses. Especially if it's hard to work on as well!
Astrids dragon said…
Wow, fast fingers, looking good!
Sometimes you just need to do for yourself, enjoy it.
Wow!! It looks awesome! But I agree with the others if you want to stitch something else go for it! Do what makes you happy :) Hope you were able to go on your road trip!
Vickie said…
I am very behind but this looks awesome!!! I don't blame you for hitting your amazon wish list...I wish I could have done this but my husband said no