Top 5 Tuesdays Catch Up - Stitching BAPs

When it comes to BAPs, I think they are a matter of opinion...what constitutes too big? At one point, before super-sized, max color HAEDs, I had tons I thought of as BAPs, but now those projects are just routine! When it comes to my stash, I've got TONS of BAPs, and it was hard just to pick technically I'm not, but I am going to divide them into five groups.

The Disney Haunted Mansion Stretching Portraits (the Disney World versions)

One of these days, when I find the perfect cross stitch software, I'm going to chart these up and stitch them as big as I can and it's probably my ultimate cross stitch goal. I have technically charted them dozens of times, but I just haven't got them "perfect" yet, so I keep trying different software.

HAED Impossibilium
Supersized Impossibilium-2
I've had this in my stash forever, but when the super-sized version came out, I knew I needed to replace my version. This is just one of those pictures that needs to be large for detail purposes.

ZAnna Cross Stitch - World of Disney
World of Disney_000
I had already purchased this pattern from Neni Designs, but this one was bigger and more detailed (sense a pattern here?). What I didn't realize until I downloaded it is that it's 222 pages worth of bigger!

HAED Little Dreamers Tree
SS-MC-Little Dreamers Tree_0a
Don't let the title fool you, this is a SS/MC chart and it's HUGE!

HAED Aimee Stewart Bookshelves
I don't have all the bookshelves, but I have the ones I like. Problem is, I started buying them before the SS MC versions, so I've had to start to replace them with their SS/MC counterparts so that they all match. I kind of wish I could trade in the older versions for the ones I want so that they don't go to waste, but I guess that's what stash buying is all about. Here are the ones I have in both SS/MC versions:
Museum Shelf:
SS Museum Shelf MC_1
A Stitching Shelf:
SS-MC-A Stitching Shelf_0a

These I have in SS version, but I still have to replace with the SS/MC version (and not all of them have a SS/MC version yet):
Heroes and Heroines:
Supersized Heroes And Heroines_2
The Secret Garden:
Supersized The Secret Garden-1
Treasure Hunt Bookshelf:
Large Treasure Hunt Bookshelf_1
and Wine Shelf:
Supersized Wine Shelf-1
Even if I buy a house in the future and I have tons of wall space, I still seriously doubt that there will ever be enough wall space to fit these bookshelves on! Maybe I'll have to rotate them out over the mantle or something!


Linda said…
I so love all of your charts Keiley. It's a good thing I don't stitch HAED's. I have enough big ones from Neni.

222 pages!!??! Lets do a SAL! haha I am only kinda joking.
Justine said…
Never mind the wall'll have to live to a thousand to stitch all of these!
Heather said…
Love them all! I started museum shelf mc but couldn't imagine doing the ss version. I like confetti though so that's another reason I like the mc version :). I don't own any other shelves but after I finish this one (you know in like 8 years) I'll probably get treasure hunt, world travel or the new animal one. I love the world of Disney and the portraits (but Disneyland's version ;))
Vickie said…
DAMN!!! I thought I was crazy for BAPs!! win!!!