Stitching Update

I've posted my update on Happy Haunts over at A New Stitchy Start Blog. I didn't get as far as I wanted (thanks to work), but things have to calm down eventually, right?

I picked Snow White back up again last night and she'll be my rotation piece for the next week or so. I left off on her last June:
And didn't get very far, but it's been hard to focus this weekend:

All is fabulous in pup-ville...Bugsy got a clean bill of health (well, other than the heartworm problem) and he and Bam are getting along great!


Linda said…
Saw you new start and it looks great Keiley. Nice progress on Snow White. Glad to hear that Bugsy and Bam are doing great. Will Bugsy get over the heartworm problem?

Mii Stitch said…
Glad the dogs are getting on fine & lovely progress on this WIP piece - another beauty!
I love your needle minder! And I am glad to see Snow White again :) And yay! to Bugsy's clean bill of health!
Justine said…
Beautiful, I love this one. Glad you hear your pups are getting along!
Bea said…
You can see progress, so that is a good thing. Yay for a good vet visit and I'm so glad your B and B are enjoying each others company.
Emma Louise said…
You've made good progress on both! I'm glad they're getting along :)
You always seem to stitch loads to me! Snow White looks amazing, she was always a favourite of mine because she has dark hair not blonde.
Love the photo of the new hippy dog, glad to hear he's getting better too.
Tiffstitch said…
So glad Bugsy is doing well and nice to see this one again.
Heather said…
Lovely progress so far. Yay for Bugsy!
Vickie said…
Love your progress! Yay for your baby!!!! Can you tell me where you got the Happy Haunts??? I must have it!!!!!