Top 5 Tuesdays - Animal Charts

I've GOT to do a Top 5 catch up post, but until then, I can at least do today's theme...Animal Charts. To be honest, I don't tend to buy animal charts, unless they are something to do with an animal in the Disney character catalog, but I still have some in my stash (although not many). I debated on a wishlist-type list of animal charts, but again, it's still along the same lines, so I might as well deal with what I already have.

Can a genetically engineered alien be considered an animal? I'm not sure, but since he "hides" as a dog, then he is in my book, so I'm going with A Neni Design - Stitch Vacation:
Stitch Vacation

I'm not a cat person (I'm very allergic), but I have always had a thing for Lucifer from Cinderella (Lucifee...zoom zoom). But once the live action Alice in Wonderland came out and Stephen Fry (whom I adore) voiced the Cheshire Cat, I've had a new-found affinity for that one too, hence yet another Neni Design:
Cheshire Cat stained glass

One Christmas, I tried to get my mother and Sister involved in stitching, so I bought them both a HAED backfired because neither one of them was interested, but I got two new items to my stash. My mother has a thing for Teddy Bears, so I thought this one would be cute - HAED Feeling Better:
feeling better_1

Obviously, any chance to stitch something Disney appeals to me, and the second I saw this pattern from Neni Designs, I had to have favorite man surrounded by my favorite animals:
Walt Disney and Heroes 2

One of the first kits I ever finished as an adult was the Design Works Mice series Kitchen Fun. It's gotten old and my ex-husband dropped the frame and broke it, cutting the fabric in such a way that I am literally going to have to do it over to be able to reframe it anyway, but I'm still pretty proud of it considering the hell that was happening in my life at the time:
I also have most of the other matching kits, one of which I've finished - Tea Time:
Christmas is Sew Special:
Christmas Is Sew Special
Sew Mice To Be Your Friend:
Sew Mice Friends
Have A Mice Day:
Have A Mice Day
And a replacement for Kitchen Fun:
Kitchen Fun
The goal is to finish them all and get them framed altogether (so they match perfectly), but who knows when or even if I'll ever get them done!

Granted, that's more than five, but I couldn't very well split up a set, right?


Justine said…
You've got some great choices there! The colours in the Stitch sunset are awesome but I really love the Cheshire cat...I am a huge Alice fan and live in Cheshire not far from where Lewis Carroll lived.
Tiffstitch said…
Nice choices! And I agree Stitch can be an animal, plus the mice all fit together, like Kate chose silhouettes or tribal animals.
Mii Stitch said…
Stitch Vacation & the Cheshire Cat have to be my favourites in your selection. The colours on both are wonderful & stitching them would certainly be great fun :)
I am not really a teddy bear person but that little bear sick in bed is just too cute! Great choices and no you can't split up a set :)
Emma Louise said…
After I've seen a few more of your projects, I might give in and buy a Neni Design as they have some lovely charts
Kate N said…
Ooh! great choices keebs :) I do rely on you adding disney flair to all the top 5's and a set is a set and should never not be so.
Linda said…
Love all your stash Keiley especially the mice charts.

Heather said…
Great choices! I love the stitch one and the Cheshire Cat.
Vickie said…
Stitch counts as an animal!!!! Love all your charts!!!!