Stitching Update and Stuff

I so wanted to get a ton done on Night Wish this week, but it didn't happen. I left off here last week:
And barely made it to here:
I had such high hopes. I started back on Happy Haunts on Saturday, but again, my brain wouldn't stop long enough to get any real progress made and I didn't even touch it today. I do have a couple more days until the end of the month though, so I'm not completely screwed for the New Stitchy Start Blog. Then, I guess it will be time to go back to Maleficent for a week or so.

Life-wise, all my hard work paid off...I got a long-overdue and much deserved raise! But everything always comes with a price for me because they've decided they don't like my I've had for four years, and since they haven't bothered to upgrade my job description back when I left the transcription department, my job title is now on the debating table. I almost just want to tell them that they can keep their raise if I can have my I.T. Director title back. Right now, I'm pushing for I.T. systems Admin, but I'm not sure it's a go yet.

I also had another life-changing event Sister and Brother-in-Law offered to give me the money to pay off my trailer so I can focus on my credit cards and get even closer to getting a new/real house. I was going to tell them no, but I received an unexpected visitor that reminded me that as long as I'm living here, I'll never be really safe. That is a story for another day, so I accepted their offer and FedEx'ed the check on Friday. My Scottish pride has taken a big kick, but sometimes I have to try to focus on the bigger picture (and maybe if I keep repeating that enough, I'll actually start to believe it). I'm so grateful to them and ashamed to face them at the same time.

Since the April A to Z Blogging Challenge is going Facebook-based this year, I may not be participating in it. I haven't missed being on FB since I started blogging and I have no desire to ever get back on it again. Besides, with the way work and life has been going, maybe it should skip it this year, although I did already had a project picked out to work on. I like traditions and the April A to Z has been one of my favorite ones for the past several years. Maybe I'll just do it on my own without the FB participation.

There is so much crap running through my brain right now, I just want everything to stop for a while. Good thing I go back to the shrink on Tuesday.


Linda said…
Hi Keiley. Glad to hear you got your well deserved raise. Hopefully they will give you a great new title that you deserve. You still made nice progress this week.
I didn't know they had changed the A - Z Challenge. Because I'm sorta stitching like a mad woman for it, I might just do my own thing this year and post it on my blog like I always have. I don't think I will do it next year though.

Justine said…
Good news about your raise! I hope you get the title you want.
Your sister and her husband wouldn't have offered if they didn't really want to help you. Nothing to be ashamed about, just accept with grace and start working towards your dream home.
I think you should still do the A to Z challenge if you want to and just blog about it.
Emma Louise said…
Great news about the raise! Please, don't be ashamed maybe one day you could treat them to a trip to disney world as a thank you? I know it's not on the same sort of scale but I'm sure they'd appreciate it either way. When things start to settle (which I hope is soon) then you can focus on the stitching :)

Can I be a cheeky git and send you an email? I wasn't sure if the one attached to your blogger profile is still active.
A big congrats on your raise!!! That is awesome and well deserved :) Now if you had the money to help your sister out wouldn't you do it? I bet it made her feel really good to be able to help you out. So congrats on paying your house off! And I hope you do the A to Z challenge on here. No reason why you can't do it on your own :) And I really like how Night Wish is turning out!
Tiffstitch said…
Fantastic news about the raise and more evidence that it was worth investing in your relationship with Amber, wow.. that is incredible. This could give you a little boost to get back to Sakura (sp?) as well.

Stitching wise, you'll get there. I'm glad your work supervisors, etc. at least are acknowledging how much they need you! That is awesome.

I can try and join in an A-Z if you want to try a blog one too, let me know. I always back out at the last minute, but that would keep me interested.
Kate N said…
This year I have a project planned which i would like to get done for a gift in May, and so was sorting it all out and then wham - no sign up list but face book - i just dont think i could commit to commenting on a facebook page everyday. I really only use it for stitch groups. So we should all do it as if we have signed up - I love your A to Z posts!
Lisa said…
Congrats on the raise! Those are always welcome.

The A-Z Challenge is only Facebook optional - you can just post your link in the comments on the daily A-Z blog post and be done.

Mii Stitch said…
Congratulations on the pay rise!
Also fantastic news about your family helping financially. Don't feel bad. They are doing it because they obviously can and want to see you happy. Now you can start saving for your new house :)
Great stitching, I think you did load even if you think you didn't.
Kaisievic said…
Hi Krlley, Fabulous news about the raise, bummer about the job title, too. If I were you, I would just do the challenge without being on FB - as long as you are having fun doing it. Take care, my dear and great progress on Night Wish.
Congratulations on the raise! I think you should ask to be called The Lord High Mistress of IT and Technical Magic. It's a good job title.

It was nice of your sister to offer to help out too. She must know how disappointed you were to miss out on that house.

I don't like the idea of the A-Z on Fb at all. It's too difficult to find old posts there. On blogs it doesn't matter if you binge read them all at once!
Heather said…
Beautiful progress Keiley :). Great news on your trailer and the raise! I know how you feel though with the pride hit. Think of it this way...down the road when you're in your new house you can always pay them back or maybe take them to Disney world