Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Top 5 Tuesdays Catch Up - Romantic Charts

I got a bit behind on my Top 5 Tuesdays, so I want to make it up to Kate by doing a couple of catch up posts! It's hard for a long-divorced person to be the romantic version of "romance" tends to lean in the forlorn type or the Disney Princess type (back before the whole "independent female princess" mentality...don't get me started). My stash tends to reflect this. I have a ton of Sleeping Beauty themed charts and all the Disney Dream kits (well, I haven't bought Rapunzel yet, but it's just a matter of time and money), but there are some of the forlorn nature as well.

My HAED stash is only rivaled by my Neni Design stash, so obviously, let's start with those:
Rapunzel Wonderful Night

Another Neni Design chart showcases all the legendary Disney romances, so I had to have this one as well:
Disney Heroes 1

I initially bought this chart from Neni Design, but Addict to Cross Stitch had a much bigger (and more detailed) version, so I bought it again from her:
Valentines On Disney Street_000b

It's no secret that my favorite Jane Austen is Persuasion (yep, I'll take Wentworth over Darcy any day) and, for some reason, this HAED chart by Chris Ortega, The Darkest Hour, makes me think of Anne Elliot pining over her lost Wentworth:
The Darkest Hour_1

I also have a huge thing for Hamlet's Ophelia...I related to her a lot as a young girl, so I'm always looking for Ophelia-themed stitches, and my favorite is HAED's Jasmine Becket-Griffith's Ophelia:
portrait of ophelia_1

Tomorrow, I'll do the BAP Top 5 and then I think I'll be caught up!


Tiffstitch said...

Nice selection! I'm impressed how you found a couple non-Disney ones to add.

Kate N said...

Im loving the Chris Ortega one, that would be beautiful stitched.

Linda said...

Great charts. I love Neni's charts.


Khristine Doiron said...

I love the Tangled one the most! I love all of them actually :) Great choices!

Justine said...

Lovely choices! I know what you mean about the Persuasion one, she looks like Anne to me too. Ophelia is really unusual and gorgeous.

Heather said...

Great choices! I've always been a big fan of the Disney princesses :)

Vickie said...

I love your charts!!!!!