Disney Restaurant Reviews #26: Cosmic Ray's Starlight Cafe

Normally, with reviews of places I've been dozens of times before, I will scour years and years of photos to show every single meal we've eaten there throughout the years. Now that I have almost 45,000 pictures, most of them of Disney, I don't think I'm going to do that this time. Sorry.

Since they changed my beloved Pecos Bill's, Magic Kingdom counter service has taken a sharp downturn. We have eaten at Cosmic Rays throughout the years, but it's usually because Amber can't stand yet another Taco Salad from Pecos. Now that's not a problem (unfortunately). Oh, and by this time in my reviews, do I need to explain the difference between table service and counter service? I hope not, but think of counter service as like McDonald's and table service as like Olive Garden (bad comparison, but they were the first ones that came to my head).

Cosmic Ray's Starlight Cafe is located in Tomorrowland, but we approached this time from the Fantasyland side:
There are three different bays for ordering and each bay used to be a different thing...hamburgers, chicken, and salads, but now they all have the same stuff:
Like Pecos Bill's, they have a toppings bar, so whatever you order is pretty much "naked" and you fix it how you like:
We opted for the standard burger fare:
I wish these cups were more sturdy and could survive a trip home! I LOVE the Halloween cups!
What sets Cosmic Ray's apart is the joy that is Sonny Eclipse! After all these years, I'm surprised he's still there, but I absolutely ADORE him and I know his entire spiel by heart!
This was one of the few times we got to see the entire show and I loved it (yet another reason why this trip was the absolute best one ever!) and we had a great, unimpeded seat too, so it made it even better! I think Amber got a bit frustrated because she wanted to go and doesn't understand my fascination with him, but she did allow me to watch the entire show and didn't complain too much when I sang along! I figure he'll be gone soon too, an old standby from a by-gone Disney era (plus, he's broken down quite a bit and constantly having to be repaired), but I sure hope not! Besides, the Yeti at Expedition Everest has rarely ever worked since day 1 and he's still there, so why not Sonny? If the time comes, you will see me in a Save Sonny shirt, that's for sure!

For anyone interested, here's his full show:


Linda said…
Looks like a yummy place to eat Keiley.

I would love one of those cups! Sammy looks more like something from Jim Henson's mind than Disney but I will watch the video later, trying to catch up with blogs this evening!
I love that your sister was so understanding about the need to watch the whole show.
It's been a while since we've seen the entire show, but we usually catch at least a bit of it each time we visit. Love the pictures! I want to go back right now. Thanks for sharing. Andrea
Great pictures of Sonny! And that burger looks delicious!!
Yum...I could eat one of those burgers right now! And how good to meet an old mechanical friend.
I have to confess, I'm more than a little envious; I've reading so many good things about the food at Disney and when we got there (to Paris, that is) is was not special at all, just very, very expensive! I think "our" Disney Land is just a tired shadow of the real deal.