The end is nigh

But not in the way you might think. I have one last test this Friday in programming, then Thanksgiving break. Thanksgiving "break" itself isn't a real break because I have to work double shifts at work that week (always have) because a certain transcriptionist takes off that week and I have to cover my job and hers (lucky of these days I'm gonna say no to this extra crap, but right now, I'm the only one who can do every job in the building). But I should maybe be able to stitch some during Thanksgiving week...maybe. Then, there is one final week of school after that, and then the week of finals and the fall semester is over. I'll have a few weeks of Christmas break (maybe more stitching), and then here we go again!

I am still barely holding on to that A in programming, so even if I bomb the next test and the final, I can still clear a C in the class, which will still allow me to pass on to the next programming class, but I hate that I can't keep the A. There are no more homework assignments or labs left and, yes, she is having some bonus points, but only as daily quizzes, and those count as minuscule points (although I will do EVERY single one).

My disability officer and I came up with the idea of replaying all my class recordings from every single lecture and basically redoing the entire semester (which is what I did this weekend) and I can immediately tell at what point I stopped learning...when her teaching method changed from one of "this is how you do something" and "this is why you do it" and I was A-OK on all that, to one of "type what I say", "copy and paste this", and "this is what you get"...and that's where I got lost because I don't learn that way (although apparently that's how everyone else learns...maybe it's a generational thing?). At least I know it's not me being stupid, so that makes me feel somewhat better, but not all the way because the other kids are getting this method, just not me.

As of now, I still have a perfect score in English, so not too worried there, although I still have several more papers to write along with the cut-down big one, but again, I got that covered with minimal effort.

Two things scare me about next being that I have to literally start all over again with new teachers, new environments, mostly new students, and new struggles, and the other being, since I'm not doing so good in an intro programming class and the next class is a full-on C++ class, I'm more than a bit terrified, especially since I've been warned it is a lot harder (although that class will have a book, which will help me immensely).

There is also a massive argument between support services and my advisor over what is best for me to take in summer. My advisor and I thought my blaa sciences (Chemistry and Biology) would be best for summer, but Support Services says no way...I need to take Calculus I and II if I ace Precalc because Chem and Bio are 4 hour courses (keep in mind, Calc I and II are ALSO 4 hour courses, so I'm not sure in the logic in that). Summer courses were always easier for me because they are daily, you have to do your homework every night and don't have time to forget things from every other day, and the semesters are 5 to 7 weeks instead of 15, so they leave a BUNCH of stuff out. It's rushed, but easily so. All my summer grades as a kid were always higher than fall and spring.

One thing I do know for sure, despite what the summer courses hold, next fall and spring will probably be computer free and more last minute finalization of basics or major requirements that do not involve programming. I think I need a semester or two to rethink this before I progress on unless I just ace Structured Programming and feel OK with moving on. Problem is, the next step is OOP and apparently, that class is so hard that the grade curve is 65 is a C and everyone takes it at a bare minimum of twice before passing it. At this stage, with me being so unsure of myself, I'm not ready for THAT kind of failure, at least not yet. I need some breathing room and maybe some enjoyment from other areas first. Maybe it's time to see where I stand with Physics.

At least work will back off next semester because my school hours will not interfere with my work hours as much. But to do so, I had to schedule an 8 am, 8 am. Even I knew better than to do that as a kid! And my 8 am class is Precalculus! Seriously? Then back-to-back with that is programming. I've already warned work that I will NOT be a pleasant person by the time I get here at 10 (which is only an hour later than I get here now). They had the option of letting me do Precalc from 10-11, but they weren't having that, so they will have to deal with my bad mood. There is one caveat for either class, I have programming lab on Wednesday's from 3:30 to 5:30, which is totally weird, but oh well. That couldn't be helped. I have the feeling that next semester, work will let me take whatever hours I want. I am NOT nice when I have to get up early and even doing it day in and day out won't make it better over time (probably just worse). I guess it's safe to say I'm serious about my education when I'm willing to take an 8 am class!


Linda said…
It sounds like your getting everything under control Keiley. I KNOW you can do it. I really do believe in you. But, I do miss your stitching.

Yay... I don't understand why the teacher would change her style mid way but I do notice in my kids an overwhelming need to be told exactly how to do something instead of figuring it out for themselves. Good luck in the next couple of weeks. I have my final exam for the semester today so I'm done for the summer.
I'm sorry for making you a study object for my curiosity, but I find it fascinating how different your Computer Science course is to what I did! Don't worry about C++ too much, once you can handle one programming language, you can handle them all. Object-oriented stuff can be a little confusing to get your head wrapped around in the beginning, but it really does make stuff easier (unless your professor insists on teaching it using different kind of cookies as examples...right before lunch...). And hopefully, you'll get a teacher whose style suits you better next year! I definitely don't agree with 'everybody learns by just copying the teacher step by step' my humble opinion, that's an incredibly stupid way to teach, and if that really is the only way some students are able to learn, the need to be taught independent thinking and learning way earlier in their academic career!
You sound so much more confidant! You are doing it!! And doing it really well :) I too miss your stitching but a little break from stitching to go to school is worth it in the end.
Blimey, it's a complicated business! Sorting out the timetable should be an exam in it's own right. Hope you get it sorted.