It's the Apocalypse

I have spent four days trying to get my programming homework to work (still not there yet). My Sister is in Disney World right now having an amazing time and I'm dealing with my sucky life between school and job wishing I was with her. I dealt with freaking out puppies this morning because it's storming and I trudged through the rain to get to work fighting stupid drivers. Once I got to work and went across the street to the hospital, I got a full Bridget Jones splash (twice) and am now soaked to the bone.

Once I got settled in my office to my year-round Halloween decor, I got hit with a realization that broke my IS Halloween and I COMPLETELY FORGOT!! ME! I am Lydia Deetz, Wednesday Addams, and most of the Sanderson Sisters rolled into one (although lately I've been more Sarah in the brain department), but I forgot Halloween! I'm pretty sure in the more obscure books of the Bible there are passages that say that when Keebs forgets Halloween, it's one of the first signs of the apocalypse, so everyone should start preparing themselves. The world MUST be about to end. I have only two holidays I birthday (which was ruined this year by a migraine) and Halloween, which I apparently don't have the sense to even remember anymore!



Linda said…
Hey we all forget Keiley. I can't remember 10 minutes ago.

Stitching Angel said…
Happy Halloween anyway, there's always next year.
You have a lot on your plate right now. I wouldn't remember anything if I were as busy as you are!
So THAT'S why I saw that pale horse hanging out outside the window!