Weekly Stitching

Still working on Alice and the B's with no sign of easing up. I left off here last week:
I started on Snow this week:
She looks a bit "swampy" to me right now, but I've been questioning all the colors in this chart since the beginning. I'm still not ready to put it down yet...I feel like I need to finish the row before I move on. Besides, I can't just leave poor Snow in mid form.


Kerryp77 said…
Great progress, you really must get the block done, it's looking great
Mii Stitch said…
Wow, again, huge progress!
Yes, you must finish the row before moving on to something else.
Linda said…
More great progress yet again Kieley. Looking forward to seeing the page finish.

Wow, fantastic progress! I always wonder about the pale bit she does across their faces but it seems to be her style.
Emma Louise said…
That's fantastic progress! If you keep going at this rate that row will be definitely be done by a couple of weeks time if not one :)
Wonderful progress!! I know the colors look different on a computer screen than in real life but I really like the way the colors look :)
Tiffstitch said…
I can see how this row needs to be done before moving on. Maybe once all the hair is there it will lighten Snow's face?
Justine said…
I think she will look great once her whole face is stitched. I imagine the colours look a bit strange close up. Great progress - hope to see a row finish soon!
Heather said…
Wow great progress! I think you should just finish the chart! ;)