Weekly Stitching

Before I left for Dallas, I did start back on Suteki. I left off on her on May 31 of last year:
I FINALLY finished the row on Saturday:
and made it a bit into the next row:
I think that the second row won't be as confetti'ed as the first, but I decided to start back on Happy Haunts today so that I might have some progress to show for The New Stitchy Start Blog at the end of the month.

I am still on the fence about the April A to Z. Right now, my stitching mojo is strong and I'm itching to get back to Alice and the B's. Plus, I'm going to have a lot of extra work in April because of a co-worker's vacation days. I have so much on my plate right now and I'm not happy about the signup process for the challenge this year (be it Facebook or commenting daily...which just sounds like even more work). I'm going to take the week to decide, but it means I'm already ill-prepared and behind. I'll need to buy thread and fabric and kit it up and will at least need to get some kind of a head start, so when work bogs me down, I won't get too far behind. I'm just not sure my head is in the right space to be working on a challenge right now. I figure if I can't decide, it probably means I shouldn't start it.


Linda said…
Suteki looks great Keiley. You made great progress. I'm so glad I decided last month not to do the April challenge anymore. That decision sure lowered my stress level a whole bunch. I bet they lose a lot of blogs this year.

Justine said…
No don't do it! If Alice and the Bs are calling to you then I'd say that's a sign.

Great progress on Suteki, she is looking fabulous!
Mii Stitch said…
I wouldn't join if your heart is not in it. Something less to worry about. Just stitch on what takes your fancy :)
Great amazing progress on Suteki... noticed your needle minder... Is that Captain America?? Oooh I love it!! :)
Wonderful progress on Suteki!! Such a pretty pattern. And it sounds like the A to Z Challenge is just getting to be more of a headache than it is worth. What if you did you A to Z next month just here on your blog for us? I said that selfishly haha
Khristine's idea is a good compromise! I say if you are not totally enthusiastic about it then don't do it. You'll just hate the project and would be better off stitching something you are feeling.

Love the progress on Sutecki too. Beautiful colours.
Vickie said…
Love your progress!!! Glad to hear your stitchy bug is back!!! I say NO on the April A to Z because it just sounds tiring!