Weekly Stitching

I didn't get much done through the week, but I had another really great weekend, at least stitch-wise. I left off here last week:
And almost finished the second page of the row tonight:
I'm not sure why I'm flying through her so quickly, but it's motivated me enough to want to continue on, at least for the week. I'm just not sure yet. With Duran Duran coming up soon, I've got to shift focus. Plus, I've got to decide what I'm going to do about the April A to Z Blogging Challenge. I'm leaning toward doing it, but I won't be doing it the "commenting" way and certainly not the Facebook way (obviously).

On the pup front, it's all sunshine and roses, except when I'm trying to stitch...this is what I have to put up with:
Speaking of pups though, today was Bam's 7th birthday (or as close as we can figure). It's really more an anniversary of his adoption date and a guestimation of his years, but it counts! It seems like only yesterday when I brought him home!

We also went from thunderstorms and possible tornadoes this week to this:
Granted, by the next afternoon it was all gone, but it was real snow with very little ice! That's practically unheard of around here! It was a crazy week, that's for sure!


Tiffstitch said…
Wow! That is fantastic progress, and love the photos of the pups, so cute. Happy 7th Bam!
Linda said…
I would love to put up with your buddies. They are so darn cute. Super progress this week.

Justine said…
Happy birthday Bam! You had a great weekend stitching despite your two "helpers"!
Mii Stitch said…
Lol, love the pups!! Mum play with us, pleeeeaaaase!
You made fantastic progress, I am so impressed :)
Awww look how much they love each other!! Maleficent is looking awesome! Happy Birthday Bam!
Happy Birthday Bam! Look at those little puppy faces!
Great progress on Malificent, you'll be back to the figure again soon.
Kerryp77 said…
Great progress on maleficent and big awwww at those super cute faces. Happy birthday to Bam too!
Vickie said…
Happy Gotcha Day Bam!! Love your Maleficent!!! She is amazing!!! It was a crazy week! I was thankful for no ice! My road always gets shut down when it ices around here.
Heather said…
Pretty progress :). Happy birthday to bam he's a cutie!