Weekly Stitching

The broken record is still playing because this past week still sucked. I do have to admit that I'm always surprised at how worse things continue to get and how I just put up with it all, day after day. Thank goodness for the Gilmore Girls this weekend. Escapism always works for me. It gives my OCD an outlet to go bat-shit crazy and, for the briefest of moments, I can obsess over Luke and Lorelai instead of my sucky life.

When I'm not rewatching the Netflix specials, I'm watching YouTube fan videos (and we all know how much I LOVE fan videos!). Luke and Lorelai videos lead to Veronica and Logan videos, which leads to Austin and Ally, Snow and Charming/Hook and Emma, Joe and Helen, which leads to the cream of the crop, Miranda and Gary videos. Oh how I love them all. Generation after generation of TV show romances that give me the power to get through another sucky week. I wish I understood why I find joy in made-up TV characters having happy lives while mine continues to steadily decline. But alas, down to what we're here for.

I only got to stitch on Thursday and this weekend due to double-time at work. I left off here:
And as much as I wanted to finish the row, I didn't quite make it (blame the "Fall" episode at about 40 minutes in):

And just because, how about if I post my favorite fan video right now (well, actually my second favorite, but just in case someone hasn't seen "Fall" yet, I don't want to spoil it with my first favorite):

I ordered the 11th Season of Supernatural and I usually rewatch them all in a row before watching the new season, but I'm still in such a Gilmore Girls mood, maybe I'll run through all Seven Series of that again followed by the Netflix specials. Granted, I'm not anywhere near Veronica Mars views with Gilmore Girls (probably at like 8 or 9), but I could easily get there. Then again, it's too late in the night to start a Miranda marathon, but maybe I'll call in sick and stay home all day tomorrow and do that (doubt it, but it's a nice thought). At least, when suckiness starts to appear, I can close my office door, turn the volume down low, and at least watch a couple of bookmarked fan videos. Maybe things aren't so bad after all.


Linda said…
Amazing progress as always Keiley. Oh how I wish I could stitch as fast as you. If you ever want someone to talk to someone I'm almost always home and love to talk and stitch.

Fantastic progress on Stitch!
I don't really watch any TV at all now. I've been watching FlossTube and also something on YouTube called Good Mythical Morning with my son. It's weird and funny and makes us laugh.
Bea said…
You did heaps! That's great. I think we like the made-up stuff because it's a relief to know SOMEBODY's life is going to end up okay.
Justine said…
Great stitchy progress for a weekend! Nothing wrong with a bit of escapism. Sorry to hear things are still difficult for you.
Heather said…
I wish I could do that! A lot of the super fans I know hated the GG specials. I saw them but was never a huge huge fan of the originals (although I binge watched them). I didn't love the specials but I didn't hate them either.