Stitched again!

I had to push myself very hard to keep focus, but I managed to stitch this weekend! I left off here:
and made it to here tonight:
I am determined to finish this project before the end of the year, but unless I find a way to get my stitch mojo back, I'm not sure how. I REALLY want my stitch mojo back though. When I think all the projects I had planned to finish by the end of this year, it makes me cringe because I failed miserably. This has not been my year all the way 'round. It's still a bit early to think of next year just yet, but I have to make it better...somehow. Happy thoughts, right?


Bea said…
That's nice progress though. Maybe you would be better off just deciding WHAT you are going to stitch on and not worry about how much you get done.
Mii Stitch said…
You should be proud of what you've achieved so far on the project!!! It would have taken me YEARSSSSS to work on such design :)
I love it and am so glad you've managed to work on it a bit more.
I'm sure you can finish it before Jan 2017 come!!
Linda said…
I think you made great progress this past weekend Keiley. I wish I could get that much done in a weekend. Your mojo will return. I've been having a pity party for the last couple months but am trying to pick myself up. You can get it done by the end of the year.

Tiffstitch said…
Excellent progress! It may not feel like as much as your usual, but it's definitely a lot, certainly more than I would manage in a weekend. Like Bea mentioned, maybe it would help to think of what you want to work on. For example, since the dithering is such a pain, skip working on those projects for a bit if you have something older without dithering that you'd like more, etc. Good luck!
Emma Louise said…
Honestly, be proud of how much you've stitched. You make more progress and finish more projects than many people I know and I include myself in that. I'm in awe of how fast you stitch. Just focus on finishing it, doesn't matter if it's this year or the next as long as it gets done :)
Stitching Angel said…
I'm with everyone above. I'm glad your stitching again and just go your own pace. Every little cross helps you get closer to a finish, it's what I tell myself. Even if I only do 10 for a day.
Heather said…
Yay it looks great!