Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Top 5 Tuesdays - Catch Up and This Week

So I decided to do a bit of double dose last week's and this week's Top 5 Tuesdays, so warning...picture heavy! Last week was a free-for-all, so I'm going to go with my favorite Jasmine Becket-Griffith charts in my stash. At least 60% of the HAED charts in my stash are JBG charts, so this was a hard list, and I've been lucky enough to be RAK'ed more than once with JBG charts, so again, hard to choose (and I hope that no one feels left out)! My favorites change constantly too (well, other than these first two), so if I do this list again, it will probably be completely different!

My absolute favorite is Belle of Bonaventure and it will be my next JBG start once I finish Alice and the B's.
belle of bonaventure
And then Voodoo in Violet will be either right after Belle (or at the same time, depending on how the mood strikes me):
Voodoo in Violet_0b
Granted, HAED is not even close to charting all the Unseelies, but I would love to do all of them together. Right now, there are only two, Wrath and Sloth:
JBG_Unseelie Court Wrath_0a
JBG_Unseelie Court Sloth_0a
Another favorite and probably the start right after Belle and Voodoo, will be Max Color Frost Dragonling...a RAK'ed chart (from one of my favorite people on the planet):
Frost Dragonling MC_00a
And then, last but not least, the Season Fairies...Spring, Summer, Autumn, and Winter, which I will probably do all at the same time:

Now for this week's Top 5...movie-themed charts. Almost every single chart in my stash is probably movie-themed because they are all Disney, so I tried to find either non-animated Disney movie-related charts or non-Disney anything. It was a hard list to compile, that's for sure, so I had to fudge a bit. Fudge #1...A Summer Ball. This is currently in my WIPs, but I absolutely HATE working on it, so I may never finish it. But it does remind me of almost every single Austen movie ever made, so there you go:
summer ball
Neni Designs took to the Kinkades like crazy, so I managed to scoop them up, including this one of Pirates of the Caribbean:
Pirates of the Caribbean Fantasy_0
I also have an old HAED, Shakespearean Fantasy, so it is a movie compendium in itself:
I think I've mentioned once or twice that I'm a huge Cap fan although, from a cross stitch perspective, I only have a few charts, including this one:
Captain America_1
I also finally took the plunge and got the Hocus Pocus chart from Tilton Crafts, so it will round this list out:
Hocus Pocus


Mii Stitch said...

Great post! I really really really like Voodoo!!!!
I can't believe I would even consider getting that one and starting it :)

Jo who can't think of a clever nickname said...

Love the Frost Dragonling and the Autumn Fairy with her little dragon. The other seasons just look sad but Autumn looks fierce!

Kate N said...

Awesome pics! I love belle of bonaventure.

Emma Louise said...

Ooh I do like the Thomas Kinkades

Tiffstitch said...

Awesome!! There are so many beautiful choices there.

Laura Landis said...

What a pair of lists! Your JBG charts are so colorful. They would make some fun, if confetti-filled, stitching. I like your movie choices, too. I'm a huge Austen fan and I agree that the first one looks like a scene from the movies.

Linda said...

You have such awesome charts in your stash Keiley. Of course I had to go get the pirate one.


Khristine Doiron said...

I love everything you chose but I especially love Wrath and Sloth!! Going to put those on my wishlist right now :)

Vickie said...

Such great projects!!! I have an idea...pull out Summer Ball for April...stitching 100 stitches on it everyday...that will be 3000 stitches!!! progress made!!! You can use a letter from all the Jane Austen books for your 100 stitches!!!

Heather said...

Love them all however I'm particularly fond of the last one ;). I need to take that one up again