Thursday, February 26, 2015

Disney Reviews Snack Edition #12 - Macarons

I figured I was pretty much done with the Snack Edition of my Disney Reviews...although I eat a lot of snacks at Disney, it's all mainly the same snacks and I don't vary much. As a regular visitor at the Disney Food Blog, I've been hearing non-stop about Mickey Macarons, so I decided to try one on a whim when I got one of my regular red velvet cake pops. Needless to say, cake pops what? I now have a new favorite Disney World snack!!
For some reason, even though I literally had a dozen or so of them throughout the trip, I only managed two pictures, the one above (which was pretty much my staple one...they had it in purple and orange and I was lucky enough to get purple every time). This one was your standard macaron flavor (which to me just tasted like the best cookie I ever had with a lightly chocolate-flavored center). When I got home I looked up the recipe and I would have never guessed it was made with almonds!

This one was more gourmet. I don't know what flavor it was supposed to be, but it tasted like pink lemonade to me. It had raspberries and lemon-flavored cream in the middle. I don't typically like pink lemonade, but I think I was so obsessed with the cookie flavor by that point, I just didn't care about the middle section.

This is the treat I miss most from Disney. It's not like we have neighborhood bakeries where I can go pick these up, and though they have very few ingredients, they are NOT easy to make and I'm a lazy cook. Oh well, gives me something to look forward to next trip. Let's just hope they are abundant in Disneyland!


Kate N said...

I can't believe how many snacks you had at Disney! lol

Vickie said...

Where did you find the Macaroons??? Red Velvet Cake pops???? Where????