Top 5 List - The Worst Supernatural Episodes

Not all Supernatural episodes are great, some episodes just plain suck (and even the creators/writers hated them, so I'd say that confirmation they really are awful). Even I can't say that I absolutely love the show all the time and there are some storylines that have gotten on my nerves over the years (although I still hang's like the Neverland part of Once Upon A just have to suck it up and wait it out because it does get better on the other side!).

Ironically, three in the list are in the first season, but don't let that be a deterrent. I usually regard the first season as the scariest because it was the purist...long before the angel and demon storylines started in and then eventually took over. I really miss the "horror movie of the week" episodes that dominated the first few seasons.

#5: 9:20 Bloodlines
Supernatural has tried (more than once) to launch a spinoff series (I mentioned Ghostfacers last top 5). Wayward Sisters has been in the news a lot lately (and I do believe it would have been a good show) but The CW wrongly decided not to pick it up. But that's another story.

Back in season 9 though, they tried something different, basically centered around Chicago being ruled by mob families (not shocking), but these mobs were made up of five monster families, the dominant two being werewolves and shape-shifters (yeah, I bet you thought I was going to say vampires too, but nope, shifters). The storyline centered around an innocent guy was about to propose to his girl when he gets in the middle of a fight between monsters leaving his girl dead and him searching for answers. Sam and Dean show up to help, but they aren't in the episode much.

About the only good thing about the episode was the love story between a werewolf and a shapeshifter (who Vampire Diaries/Original fans might recognize as Kol) who aren't allowed to be together because of the war between their families. If the show would have gotten picked up, I might have watched it for their romance, but it might have been hard unless they found a way to slow it down a bit. They just tried to shove too much information into 42 minutes. I tried hard to find a video, but the best I could do was a brief trailer and a few fan videos of the werewolf and the shifter. I chose the fan vid because a) I love fan vids, b) Nathaniel Buzolic is totally hot (and my favorite Mikaelson of The Originals, truth be known) and c) fan vids make even crappy shows look good:

#4: 11:19 The Chitters
I'm still not sure what the heck this episode was all about other than humans becoming some kind of mutant cricket hybrids who have a lot of orgies? Yeah, what the heck? The only good thing about this episode is showing a positive homosexual couple element. But even the description of the monsters sounds stupid, thus I give you:

#3: 1:03 Dead In The Water
They had a good chance with this episode. I'm scared to death of the forest, scared of lakes (I don't swim were I can't see my feet...basically for this very reason), and terrified of kid ghosts. But instead, this episode falls completely flat. They've done so many ghost episodes that were scary as hell, but this one just doesn't make the cut. Granted, the video I'm about to show is a major spoiler and the quality is pretty bad, but honestly, the kid was terrified of the lake, he knew what was in it, and he hadn't spoken since what was in the lake killed his father, but he's gonna walk down the dock just to retrieve an army man toy? Bad writing folks!

#2: 1:02 Wendigo
If you watch Heartland, one thing you might notice about Supernatural is that almost every single actor on Heartland has been on Supernatural at some time or in point, episode 2 and Graham Wardle (aka Ty Borden himself). What you may also notice about this episode is the late Cory Monteith is in this episode (although he is VERY young and a bit hard to recognize) and an even younger Alden Ehrenreich (aka the current younger version of Hans Solo, although I prefer him in Beautiful Creatures). But even with all that star power, the episode sucks. The creators admitted the budget for that episode was nothing, but still, it had the chance to be so much more than it was. The woods alone could have scared me if done right (and that doesn't take much in my case). At least they did get the lore right in this case, so I picked this video, in case you don't know what a wendigo is:

FYI, since the show runners of Supernatural were also the show runners for The X-Files, a lot of actors from the X-Files make it into Supernatural as well. SPN has always been very vocal about setting itself apart from X-Files for some reason (and there have been numerous jabs against the X-Files in SPN), which I've never understood. There are a lot of similarities between these two shows and one was born from another. I, more than anyone, get rebelling against your "parents", but I do get offended by Supernatural's X-Files jabs because I loved the X-Files too and I can see its influence on SPN, but I digress.

#1: 1:08 Bugs
I'm scared of trees, but I'm TERRIFIED of bugs. This episode had the potential to give me nightmares for years, but it took everything I had to keep from laughing at various times throughout this episode. The creators, the writers, even the actors all agree that this is the worst episode ever of Supernatural and I completely agree with them. There are a lot of clips online about this episode, but they are basically all in "worst episodes ever" clips or review clips. The promo for the episode was the best I can do, but even it shows how stupid the episode was, so I guess it will have to do.

As many times as I have watched the entire series, this is the one episode I skip now. It's just not worth my time.


Linda said…
You know Keiley, you go always be a writer.

I just love how much thought you put into these posts. Even though I don't watch the show, I can appreciate your enjoyment of them.

Sucks about Duran Duran though! Can't even tape it and send you the videotape through the post either!
It's funny that usually I remember all the episodes you talk about from the descriptions you give, but this time, the only one I can recall is the Bloodlines one (although I didn't realize it was supposed to start a spin-off). Probably goes to show just HOW bad some of them were!