Shih-Tzu's and blowing air

Either I'm running out of topics to discuss or my brain is going haywire, but I've been having some random rambles lately, and here we go again! But I do have another random question of the seems to be a new thing with me. Instead of cross stitch progress of the week, I want to know your thoughts about weird topics of the week. Yep, I've lost my mind!

I live in the South. It's hot here already and it will only get worse as the summer starts. My air conditioner decided to start rattling (loudly) this weekend, so I got scared and turned it off, just until I could get a repairman out today. It got up to 86 degrees in the house on Sunday (which, since I'm cold-natured, didn't really register much with me), but since both pups are WAY past due for haircuts, I had every ceiling fan on and a couple of standing fans too, so they wouldn't overheat. Well, Bam wasn't having it and kept hiding under blankets. I could hear him wheezing from the heat, but he HATED having that air blowing on him, even from just the ceiling fan. I took the blanket away, but then he just started hiding under the couch pillows. Bugs wasn't much better and he kept hiding behind furniture.

After a while, I thought I'd get up and do something, so I bagged up some old clothes for a work colleague to sell at a church thing, and both boys kept trying to hide in the was shameful, so I gave up after four bags of clothes (I had a LOT of skinny clothes rotting it the closet since I got fat again), so back to the couch I went, back behind the couch Bugs went, and back under the pillows Bam went:
It's hard to see his face, but trust me when I say Bam is giving me the evil-eye for removing the pillow from his head here (and yes, I'm back to watching Supernatural).

That got me to see dogs riding with their heads out car windows all the time, but I can't say I've ever seen a Shih-Tzu do that. Mine don't do that because; a) they are seat-belted in (like the law requires and for safety issues) and; b) because they are too busy trying to get in my lap to pay attention to the windows. If I ever do crack the windows, they try to wiggle out of the belt and get in the floor (which they never can do, but they try), so I don't open the windows for that very reason.

What issues do Shih-Tzu's have with blowing air? I just figured mine were cold-natured like me because I keep the house warmer than normal and that's what they are used to, but Zander and Zach were the exact same way. Whenever any of them get haircuts (or got haircuts for those who have passed), they always shake like they are freezing for several weeks, despite the time of year.

So I guess that's my question of the week...does anyone know of a Shih-Tzu that likes to have air in his (or her) face or is it a breed thing to hate it? Or have I just raised two generations of cold-natured weirdos who hate air blowing in their faces? Any thoughts?


Linda said…
Cute post Keiley. Made me giggle and I needed that. Sorry I can't help you. No knowledge of Shih-Tzu's.

Stitching Angel said…
My fur baby loves her head out of the car window but hates the wind on a windy day. As for the fan she is fine, at times you have to watch her because she will get to close to the floor one as she plays. She's funny as most dogs are. Happy stitching!
Stitching Angel said…
Oh and yes she is a Shihtzu
I have never had a Shih-Tzu but know people who do and I can't say I have ever seen them with their heads out of car windows or sitting in front of a fan. Hope your air conditioner isn't an expensive fix!
Tiffstitch said…
I have friends that had Shih-Tzus that were really calm and didn't mind a fan and one poodle crossed with Shih-Tzu that is the most anxious dog they've ever had.
I have no experience of this at all, not being a dog owner or a car driver!
But wanted to comment anyway.
And there they say cats are strange! I can't really comment on the Shih-Tzu thing, as I don't think I've ever met one in real life, but I want to say that will I miss your massive weekly stitching updates, I do enjoy your 'random ramblings' as well :)