Weakly Stitching (and no, that's not a typo)

Work kicked my butt all week. By the time I got home every night, I could barely stand, let alone stitch. I just kept saying all week that at least I had the weekend. By Friday night, the headaches started and I'm still dealing with it (although I'm in an ebb now). I did stitch some Saturday, but it wasn't much and I switched projects again because I couldn't stomach my contacts touching my eyes.

I left off on Rapunzel at the row finish:
And sad but true, here is where I stopped:
Couldn't apparently even hold the camera straight. I'll have to try to fix that next time. We'll see if I make it through another week.


Justine said…
Sorry for your troubles. It must be hard when you can't stitch. How are the pups? Looking after you I hope.
Awe :( Still progress is progress. Do you have to wear your contacts at work all week? I hope not.
Tiffstitch said…
Yikes. I'm sorry it's been so miserable.
Linda said…
Rapunzel looks good Keiley. Hope your headache goes away soon.

That's still a pretty good chunk of pink even after a dreadful week.
The weekend starts here so hopefully things will be better for you.
Bethan said…
Sorry you've had a rubbish week :( You did manage some progress even with a bad head, so it's not all bad x
I'm sorry to hear you have been doing so poorly - I truly hope things are better now! Still, you got a nice pit of the pink done. I bet Rapunzel is easier to work on with a headache than the HAED style projects.