Weekly Stitching

Well, I'd like to stay I had another great stitching week and all was well at work, but that would be utter bollocks. I basically spent the entire week soaking up every single drop of negative energy at work and, trust me, it was a virtual flood that filled my head so full it exploded. Thankfully, I had a neurologist appointment on Friday and finally got IV meds for my week long migraine. I'm still in and out with it...even the medrol dosepack is having trouble kicking this one. Some days I managed to stitch, some days I couldn't. Some days I tried to stitch through the pain, some days I couldn't. I'm not sure if I'm dreading tomorrow so much that it's all starting again, but I didn't manage much today either. But anyway, I left off here last week:
I SOOOO wanted to finish this row this past week because it should have been simple...all that was left of the cape was black fill-in. By mid week, I knew it was a lost cause. By the end of the week I figured I could at least make it by the end of the month, but now I'm not sure of that either:
Technically it's only a page of work, but it's super-confetti'ed and dithered out the wazoo, so I just don't know what to do but keep pluggin' on. Maybe if I can't finish by the end of the month, then maybe I can finish by the weekend. Granted, four and a half weeks for 7 pages of a HAED isn't anything to scoff at, but still, I have been doing much better than that lately and if I can only finish one row in a project per month, then I ain't gonna make 18 row finishes (or even full finishes) by the end of the year. Guess that's what I get for being a BAP stitcher. I'm just not comfortable with small projects anymore. I think it's also probably why I've never started a super-sized/max-colored or one of my own designed projects...since those would make a normal BAP look tiny, I would probably never finish one of them. Oh well, screen is hurting my eyes, so it's time to quit now. Guess it's also safe to say I got no reading done this week either (or probably will now that I'm so far behind with stitching).


Justine said…
Sorry to read that things are still so bad at work. I hope the negative energy disappears soon. I'm still in awe of how fast you stitch. Maleficent's cape looks amazing!
I'm sorry to hear you were having a bad week, but I agree...4 weeks for seven pages is amazing! I barely finished one page of my BAP this month...and that's pages 1/4th the size of a HAED. And Maleficent still looks amazing!
Linda said…
Sorry you still have your migraine Keiley. I had a few of those many years ago. You still made good progress on your stitching.

My oh my! She looks fantastic! Sorry to hear about your migraine. I have started getting them in the last year or so and they aren't a good time at all. I can't believe you are able to stitch with them. I just get sick to my stomach and head to bed. Thankfully mine are usually gone by the morning and I couldn't even imagine living with one for a week! I hope you have an easy week at work or as easy as possible.
Bethan said…
So sorry about a bad week. I'm impressed you managed to stitch through your migraine too. I hope this week goes better x
Sorry to hear that you've had such a bad week. The last thing you need now is a dithery wazoo!

You have made incredible progress though, despite all the difficulties.
demeter83 said…
That's amazing, I achieve approximately one page a month (which is why I never finish anything)
Sorry it's so rubbish at work and that it's affecting you so badly, look after yourself hun!