This is getting a bit ridiculous...

Again, there really isn't any weekly stitching to show. I didn't post last night because I was too busy watching Miranda (aka I was too lazy to get up from the couch). I left off on Tartan B in January of 2016...I was working on it while babysitting my Grandmother when my Aunt was having surgery. I knew I screwed it up somewhere, so I gridded it, but I couldn't find the mistake and I just didn't deal with it again.
But when I picked it back up Thursday night, it was readily apparent where I screwed up and by the time I frogged all the bad stuff and restitched it, I pretty much didn't get any further than where I left off last year:
Sad and pathetic. I've got to figure out a plan to get my stitchy bug back. I don't want to start anything new until I finish something (I've got way too many WIPs going), but I've got nothing close enough to being finished to hold my focus. That's why I thought maybe Tartan B would be a wise choice, but I had forgotten how much I hate this piece. Besides, my whole "turning it into a pillow" idea is still a pretty sucky one considering I still don't know how to even make a pillow, let alone get a hold of some actual Blair Tartan material for the back (which was the original plan).

Both boys did get haircuts though. Bam has never actually been to a groomer before, I've always done it myself and he went full on drama king:
Et tu mommy

Bugs is an old pro now though:

I held my ground and refused to plant the lilacs, but my parents and Aunt took care of it. Ironically enough, my poor Wisteria hasn't given up just yet and she's almost as big now as the new trees! HA! That'll show 'em!

I'm still working on my second Jasmine Becket-Griffith wall. I got my new prints in today, but I've got to get them framed. Maybe I need to work on Alice and the B's since I'm in such a Jasmine mood. Not sure I want to change out the stand tonight though.


Stitching Angel said…
Take a day or two away from your stitching and then look at all your Wips, maybe one will stand out for you to stitch. It's what I do when the stitching bug goes. Hope you get it back soon.
Mii Stitch said…
Oh the dogs look adorable!!!
Hope your stitching bug will return.
Might be best to put the tartan away if you're not enjoying it.
Sometimes, no matter how good you're trying to be, a new start is the only option ;) Just do what you want!
You might not feel like stitching much at the moment, but I think getting a mistake fixed is still a nice achievement. And look at those handsome boys!
The look on Bam's face is priceless!! Two cuties!! Isn't it funny how sometimes you can't see a mistake no matter how much you look for it but if you set it down and come back later you can point it right out? So frustrating! Tartan B looks really nice! And there are some great tutorials on youtube for making pillows, maybe they would help :)
Linda said…
My stitchy bug always runs away in the summer. Yours will return soon. Your boys look great.

Bethan said…
Bam's expression is fantastic!
I'm glad you managed to find your mistake on your project - it's really annoying to not find it and get too far to fix it! Tartan B does look really nice. It may be worth taking a break and finding a different, or quick little project to do. It may re-inspire you for your current WIPs if you manage to finish something quick x
Faith... said…
Frogging and corrections are still progress though unfortunately they don't show! Hope your bug comes back soon so you can make more progress. They Boys look great and glad that Bam survived his ordeal! Funny how they can be drama queens/kings just like us! LOL
Tiffstitch said…
Glad you managed to find the mistake right away and get farther than you had been when you put it down. Getting out a "small" was a good idea, and if you feel like getting out Alice, I would. It's okay to change out what you have when you're not feeling it. Better to stitch on something than nothing if you feel up to stitching at all.

Love the haircuts!
I agree with Tiff. You don't really do small Smalls do you?
The doggies look cute with their haircuts.#
I am laughing so much about The Wisteria They Couldn't Kill. What a great revenge!
If you send your mother a card at Christmas I recommend trimming it with tinsel, taking a photo and using it as your card :-)
Justine said…
Frogging and re-stitching might make you more likely to pick this up again in the future. For me a break of a day or two always has a project calling loudly to me by the end.
Your dogs are so cute with their new haircuts!
I am so glad you were able to find your "oopsie" and frog and re-stitch. I have been watching all the great announcements coming out of D23 this week about all the fun things coming to Disney World between 2018 and 2021. I've been thinking of you. Hope you're getting your stitchy bug back. I'd love to see your updates.

Oh, and your puppies look adorable!!! --Andrea