Year End Review

I think it's pretty clear by now that 2016 sucked and I'm SOOO glad it's gone! Despite the blessing of two Disney trips, this has been an emotional terror ride of a year and it totally affected my stitching. I had so many stitchy goals and I blew almost all of them. If I wanted to look at the positive side, this was definitely a year for framing old pics and tons of new stash!

I guess it's time to get down to the nitty gritty of the year though. Maleficent, my main project hasn't gotten any love since February. I left off here last year:
And worked a total of 49.55 hrs on her and left off at the row finish here:

Next up is Alice and the Bouguereau Princesses. Despite Friday's attempt at working on them, I still didn't get very far for the year. I left off here last year:
And worked on them for a total of 57.31 hrs (including the little over 8 hrs on Friday):

Cinderella Castle, which I had just barely started:
Got finished and framed with Sleeping Beauty Castle with a finish total of 50.92 hrs:

My new rotation starts also barely got any attention. Night Wish went from nada to here in 50.71 hrs:

Snow White also went from nothing to here in 57.64 hrs:
It was a bit of a shocker since, although it's not dithered, it's extremely confetti heavy.

The pain in the behind, the gift for my Sister, Christmas Contest Suteki went from nothing to here in 89.17 hrs. It was my A New Stitchy Start blog piece and I totally blew it too (but in all fairness, this project SUCKS and it goes to show how much more time dithering takes versus straight stitching because I didn't even finish the row):

Rainy Wedding got finished and gifted. I finished the main body of the piece on New Years Eve last year, but I finished the wording for a total of 19.09 hrs and got it framed (sorry for the quality of the photo):

For my April A to Z Project, I chose Austen Alphabet by FanGirl Stitches. It took 63.7 hrs, but I got it finished on time and framed, but here it is unframed:
Austen Alphabet28

The main project of the year became Lilo and Stitch Otherwise. It was supposed to be a two month project (and easily could have been), but that pesky life issue interfered and I just finished the other day at a total of 292.73 hrs:

Tartan B got one day of love, basically because I needed a carry around project for a day babysitting my Grandmother. I left off here:
And got to here and probably could have gotten further, but I thought I made a mistake and I needed to grid it:
I don't keep track on the hours for this one, because it's older than when I used to keep up with hours.

On the negative side, the other pains in my behind, A Summer Ball hasn't been touched since January 2015:

And the 35th Anniversary Celebration hasn't been touched since May of 2015 (and it's kind of a lost cause anyway since this is Disney World's 45th Anniversary year):

On the TUSAL front, the proof is in the ORTs...I didn't do very good this year.
Compared to the other years:
These are a bit hoard-y, I know, but they are kept in a nice cute box:

Again, if I wanted to look at the positive side, I spent a total of 730.82 hrs stitching in 2016, but since this is the first year I've kept up with hours for the entire year, I'm sure it isn't nearly as good as previous years (and I think the ORTs confirm it).

Oh well, here's to a MUCH better 2017! I'll do a 2017 goal post probably tomorrow.


Stitching Angel said…
Still got a lot of stitching done in 2016. Can not wait to see what you stitch in 2017. Happy New Year!
Bea said…
I still think that is a good amount of stitching with some lovely finishes. You do what you can do and then just keep on going.
Linda said…
You got an amazing amount of stitching done last year Keiley. I love all of your projects even though I'm so jealous at how fast you stitch. Hoping this is a whole lot better year for you.

Lisa said…
You're amazing! I look at the *one* piece I've been working on for something like 3 years now and just cringe. It does help that I've finally caved and got a magnifying glass with built in light so I can see what I'm doing better!
Justine said…
I think that looks like awesome progress! Hope 2017 is better than 2016.
Kate N said…
I thought I had stitched a lot in the past year, but I made so little progress, your stitchy time definitely was productive and such great pieces...and that ball pic has to be finished...hehheheheheheh
I think that is a super impressive amount of stitching!! Looking forward to seeing what you have planned for this year :)
Heather said…
That is soooo much progress! Your 2016 ORTs look like just as much as previous years! I'm excited to see what your plans are for next year!
Well I think you've done some great stitching this year, especially on the BAPs.
I do enjoy an end of year review!