Friday, June 6, 2014

No Needle Club this week

We didn't have Needle Club this week because we had a massive storm yesterday (which thankfully wasn't a tornado and I only ended up with a cracked outer front window, but still had 80mph winds that lasted well over 20 minutes). My logic was that I didn't want to be around town after dark since most areas of my side of town were still without power and there were a lot of downed trees still the road. But, if I'm completely honest, I just didn't feel like it. I had a headache, I had made three trips home and back already throughout the day (to get the pups during the storm, to take the pups back after the storm, and to check on them since the power was out), my stitching mojo has waned of late, but worst of all, I feel AWFUL lately! This diet is really getting horrible. I feel worse now and have more headaches than I ever did at my highest weight. My knee hurts more now than ever as well. I have no energy and yet I still can't sleep. I'm not a happy camper on a good day, but my happiness scale has been in the negatives for weeks. Why is this? Is it the Metformin he's put me on (because apparently, although my sugar is "normal", my insulin resistance is "high", whatever that means) or is it because I'm not exercising (because I A) don't want to and B) see knee comment above)? I don't know, but either I've got to hit the goal weight to switch to the other plan soon, or I've just got to give this mess up. How a person can feel better at 290 (my all-time highest) versus my now weight of 190's is beyond me! So, fellow stitchers, bear with me to the bear end and bear-l around and see me sometime ( stitching may slack, but my Disney never does).

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