Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Need some help guys...

As I've mentioned (numerous times), I'm the process of re-doing all my Disney pics in Lightroom. I've been going backwards and am now in the middle of 2010 (so there is still a ways to go yet). I've been a member of Flickr so long, I was able to grandfather into their new system, so I get unlimited storage (at my old rate), so the number of photos I have in my Flickr account is irrelevant (which is good, because I already have over 25,000 in there now, probably most of which are Disney pics).

My problem is this...once I'm done, I'll have entirely new albums for every year's trip, but I've linked to to my old albums so many times, that it is going to cause a lot of my old blog posts to be pictureless if I delete the old albums. But then again, there is going to be confusion if I have two separate albums for every single trip (and I'd actually like to make the bad pictures go away).

So, should I delete the old albums when I replace them with the new ones, thus having tons of old blog posts with dead picture links? If I do that, should I go and try to find those same pictures in their new state and fix all the old blog posts I can? Should I keep both albums, but find some way to distinguish which is the good one and which is the bad one and, if so, how?

Any help you guys can give me would be greatly appreciated! Despite most people's views of Flickr, I have been quite happy with it for years (much better than Photobucket and Picasa). I'm just not sure how I feel about keeping the bad quality pics up when there are better versions of them. I know I'm not a photographer, by any means, but I have managed a few lucky shots over the years!


Emma Louise Brown said...

If you really don't like the pictures compared to the new ones then I would replace them.

Miamina said...

Bit late replying to this I know, but I'd delete the albums, you can go back and replace the pictures if you choose to at some point and can be done gradually.

SoCal Debbie said...

I would type a phrase like "See my new album here: LINK" and then paste that phrase on every old blog post, then delete the old albums.

I did something like that recently in my blog. The Q-Snap Huggies website is closed and she is only selling through Facebook, so I fixed every link in about 25 blog posts to point to the Facebook page instead.