Tuesday, June 3, 2014

My Mad World - Chapter 5

I almost forgot to post this puppy today, so let's not waste anymore time! Besides, this one is going to be pretty short because I do agree with the author's choice. ABC wasn't really big in the States until the late 80's and When Smokey Sings (a song and video which I just don't care for because it was too far of a departure from the ABC I knew up until that point), but, to us New Waver's, they were right there with the best of them!


(Oh, and I usually prefer YouTube, but apparently this version is hard to find, so I just got lazy and went with Vimeo)

I have to say that this is an excellent choice from the ABC canon! No one, not even my precious Simon Le Bon, could have out-glammed Martin Fry with his Jazzy vocal sounds, perfectly coiffed hair, and gold lame suit. It was the first ABC song I remember hearing (and first video I remember seeing). It was definitely the epitome of an 80's New Wave song, but it definitely wasn't my favorite ABC song, that right is reserved for...


Martin Fry successfully battled Hodgkin's lymphoma during the prime of ABC's popularity. The band saw many lineup changes, but even through cancer, Martin Fry has always been the steady force. They are still around today and Martin still sings under the ABC moniker (as well as himself sometimes), although, I have to admit, I'm not familiar with anything past the late 80's material (some bands I keep up with, some I just remember fondly and ABC would be the latter).

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