Friday, June 1, 2012

Stitching and gaming

I've turned back into a stitching maniac!!

And to top it off, I finished a quickie project that has taken me most of the year so far! This is my fourth of these...I have a ton more in stash and I usually do one after every major project, and this one started out the same, but I was so excited to start my little Highland girl, I couldn't wait. And despite their appearance, these little buggers take forever!

On another front, I have been craving to finish Epic Mickey, but it's been so long since I've played, I'm gonna have to start the game all over again. OCD and gaming are a scary combination and I'm the poster child! That is why I don't game that much, because I have serious complications...lack of sleep, lack of food, and lack of general hygiene...I just play solid through until I HAVE to stop.

For those that don't know what Epic Mickey is, here is the opening sequence:

The upcoming release of Epic Mickey 2 is what has got me in a gaming tizz. Then again, I absolutely HAD to have Disney Universe the second it came out, and the bloody thing is still in the wrapping! But in my defense, I know that the PS3 and XBox versions of the game have downloadable skins and the Wii doesn't. I have a Wii (thanks Am!) because it was the only format for Epic Mickey (then again, I also have a Nintendo 64 still connected, so what does that say about me? I'm more of a cute game gamer than a graphics gamer...give me Mario any day). Epic Mickey 2, however, will be for all formats...which brings my obsession with game playing back in the forefront again because I WILL have to have it the second it comes out and it brings up the question whether I wanna get it for Wii or another format.

Here's the new trailer for EM2:

I've always wanted a PS2 so that I could play the Kingdom Hearts series (are you noticing a Disney pattern here?), but if I get a PS3, it will play Blu-Rays (but not the old PS2 games). Then again, I could get an XBox (which also has the Disneyland Adventure game) and just buy a separate Blu-Ray player. I've been putting off the Blu-Ray change-over simply because I have just finished replacing all my VHS Disney movies with DVD's...I sure as heck don't wanna start replacing the time I finished for the second time, there will be another format and I'll have to start's a never ending cycle aimed at robbing me blind and I keep getting suckered in. I have made a deal with myself though that I'm not buying any new game system until I finish Epic of course I have to finish it immediately because I can't wait to get a new system! Yep, I'm compulsive shopper...shock.

Here is the Disney Universe trailer (or one of them, there are several):

And here is the Disneyland Adventures trailer (I can't help but think it's a matter of time before we get a Disney World one):

I also always buy the game guide to go with the game, just to make sure that I play to the fullest and don't miss anything, but I got told by someone recently that game guides are cheating. Granted, this person runs through a game just to finish it, which I think is just wasteful game playing...what's the use of playing a game unless you can experience all the cool details? It's like going to an art museum just to use the bathroom! Or maybe I'm looking at it wrong.

So my question to you is this...if you are a gamer, what do you think of game guides? Cheating or invaluable directionsl tool?


Cleejoow said...

Stitching and gaming... I know, it just doesn't work...
I'm totally engrossed in Zelda Ocarina of time for Nintendo 3DS.
I have Epic Mickey and am looking forward to the second one. DH is less excited... less tv time for him :)
Kingdom hearts I played on PS2 and I have one for Nintendo DS as well. It's just great :). I guess investing in a DS isn't such a bad idea if you really like those type of games. Zelda goes along the same way as KH and EM

Keebles said...

Have you finished EM? What did you think?

Vickie said...

I need to restart my Epic Mickey...I want an xbox just to play disney games!!! I need to buy Kingdom Hearts for the DS....