Wednesday, December 21, 2011

A little bit of stitching to clear my head

I didn't have much time tonight to work on my little Highland girl, but I did get a touch of hair done:

It is kind of amazing how stitching works like Xanax...shame I can't drag it everywhere with me...think work would mind if about every couple of hours I have to whip it out and work on my stitching for a while to calm my nerves? Yeah, probably not.

I didn't make it to Kroger tonight. I got done at work too late and after 11 they close the people check out lines and that only leaves the self-checkers. Now, you'd think a person like me would prefer the self-check, but oh no my friends...oh no. They were created by Satan for the sole purpose of Keebs torture. Let me tell you why. I used to always go to Kroger late, my preferred time because of the lack of shoppers. I don't go to the store very often, so when I do go, I usually have a buggy full of groceries, and this particular night was no exception. They had just started closing the people checkers but didn't bother to tell the customers. So I saunter up to the checkout after filling my basket and quickly realize that there are no open lanes other than the express lane. OK, well, my chicken-shit butt ain't about to ask, so I keep walking around the store, but after about 30 minutes, I have to do something, so I just get in the express lane figuring they are keeping one lane open close to the self-checkers. The nice old lady employee (boy was I wrong on that account) keeps looking at my basket, but never says a word and lets me stand in line while she checks out the four people in front of me.

You already know what's gonna happen, don't you? Yep...I get up there and she says "you can't check out here, this is the express lane, you have to use the self-checkers". To which I say, "ummm, mam, please, I have an entire buggy, I can't use those things for all this stuff". She says, very rudely "if you want the stuff, you have to use the self-checkers". My temper doesn't escape in public very often, usually only around people I know, but I believe my parting words to her weren't very nice (or at least judging by the laughter from people behind me).

Now, I am not technologically put it mildly, I'm a geek. But, by this point, my emotions are high, which causes me to not think straight, I'm shaking like a leaf, I've already drawn attention to myself by cussing at a checker lady, I've got a piece of equipment in front of me I've never used before (and isn't very user friendly even by the geekest of geeks), and I've got to use it repeatedly on an entire buggy of groceries. On top of all that, I also talk to myself, which usually isn't a problem because I'm usually alone 99% of the time, but now that I've got everyone staring at me, it's completely embarrassing, and getting exponentially worse from my nerves.

Anyone who has used those things, knows they are not meant for more than about 20 items. There is a small little counter on either side to sit your merchandise and that's it. So, I'm muddling through it like molasses, talking like mad, shaking like crazy, I was a mess! I had bags in the floor, under the buggy, all over the counter around me and on the one behind me (I was so nervous it never occurred to me to just get a second buggy). By the time I got done, it had taken so long, the machine wouldn't total me out, so rude lady had to come over and manually key the amounts through (which was a nice revenge in hindsight - at the time I just wanted to walk off and leave the whole mess). On top of everything else, there was a huge line of people behind me as well waiting to check out.

Long story short (too late, I know), I did make it to the car before I completely broke down, where I proceeded to bawl like a total baby. I have been terrified of self-checkers ever since. I did email Kroger a very long complaint letter, but never got an answer. Now, I don't go to Kroger past 11 pm anymore. Don't know why I felt the need to tell that story! Just reminding my self why I couldn't go to Kroger tonight I guess. Maybe tomorrow night.


Kate said...

Self-checkouts are only any good if you have about 5 items - they are definitely not trolley friendly, and never work! Or you buy alcohol, or a magazine or something thats been reduced and then you need to wait half an hour for the member of staff to type in a 666 and let you carry on struggling to pack your bags and scan at the same time whilst someone behind you with a face like thunder makes out you are wasting her precious time! As for me, if someone behind me is impatient or tutting - I slow down! They can wait for their rudeness. Another good way - which you would hate - is to start talking to them, smiling, laughing etc. Because they definitely DONT want to talk to you. With any luck they will move to another till. This probably make s me sound a bit mean - when I grow up I will let you know! lol!

The Maiden said...

Great progress, your stitching looks so precise it's wonderful! Cannot wait to see more, and I agree stitching is my Xanax (LMAO)!

Mangogirl said...

I have had a number of bad experiences with self checkouts! Some are good I've found the ones at coles are nice when you only have 2 things, but if I go to Big W it is a whole ordeal! They never work, you press the buttons 10 times. My card always gets rejected and I have to call someone over anyway. Basically it's never any fun. Also don't try to use your own bags with the machine it hates it when you do even though they encourage you too! basically no fun!

Joysze said...

I don't enjoy self checkouts much either. Only ones I use are when we're in HomeDepot.

Oooh, Highland is looking good!! Not so erm... butt-iful anymore. LOL!!!

Ewa said...

Great progress on Highland!

I LOATHE self-check. First of all they're slow. They tell you to put your groceries in a bag for about 30 seconds and flip out if you don't. What if I don't want a bag? Nope. Does not compute. I got a pumpkin once. Self-check didn't specify what kind. Self-check didn't prompt me to enter the produce label number. Self-check rang up a pumpkin. And rang it up wrong. Now, to top it off, the Lucky by my place had their self check credit card machines tampered with and hundreds of people's credit and debit card information has been stolen and their accounts emptied.

No thanks!