Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Disney Reviews Snack Edition #15-Cronut

This is actually a "third-party" review since I hate cinnamon and croissants (it's a wonder I'm so fat since I hate most everything), but since it got rave reviews from my Sister, away we go!

At a little stand at the borders of World Showcase in Epcot (near the bathrooms on the Canada side), is a tiny little food stand:
...which serves cronuts. These have become extremely popular in the past couple of years and since Am loves 'em, in line we got (because I can ALWAYS drink a soda). It was a bit hard for me to take a picture because the smell of cinnamon was so strong, but here it is:
She's going to kill me for posting this photo, but oh well, she doesn't read my blog anyway, so payback's a bitch!
She absolutely LOVED it (although she did say it had WAY too much sugar and cinnamon on it). She said it was fresh and very tasty. You can also get it with ice cream on top (she opted not to do this). They also have cronuts during the Food and Wine Festival, but since they are now a staple at The Refreshment Port, you don't have to wait until September to get one!


Tiffstitch said...

I can never try one of these, but glad she enjoyed it!

Vickie said...

Looks Yummy!!!

Bea said...

LOVE cinnamon, so this would be right up my alley.

Heather said...

I hate cinnamon too... Unless it's a cinnamon roll lol