Friday, June 17, 2016

Disney Reviews Restaurant Edition #23-Maya Grill

Our last sit-down meal of our March trip was at one of the table service restaurants in our resort, Coronado Springs, Maya Grill. I wasn't expecting much here because the reviews are always mixed and the emptiness of the restaurant overall added to my worry. It was a bit early for dinner (5:30pm to be exact), but I still expected more people:
Only a couple more people arrived in the entire time we were there. I should also add that my contacts were severely messed up and I could barely see anything the entire dinner and even ended up leaving early because I just couldn't stand it (my headache pain med is a nasal spray and it often clouds up my contacts for days after use). At least the lack of patronage made it very quiet in there (albeit bright due to the setting sun):
The "eye" above us creeped me out just a bit:
Amber ordered the margarita flight (Mango Blueberry Basil, Classic, Horchata, Pineapple and Jalapeno, and Blood Orange):
I was chicken of all the weird flavors and just went with Blood Orange. It was VERY good, but had little blood orange flavor (just a citrus-y touch):
The bread came and I barely touched it...I ate a piece of the flatbread, but the other was jalapeno cornbread and I HATE cornbread (there goes another Southern Belle Card-revoking comment again). Am ate a couple of them though:
Appetizer-wise, she ordered Guacamole:
And I was feeling a bit brave and went with Tacos Durango which was three tacos; beef with chipolte salsa, chicken with salsa verde, and cochinita pibil taco with pickled onions and carrots. The beef and chicken were good, but the cochinita was NASTY!
We both ordered fajitas, Am went with chicken:
and I went with cow:
Neither dish was that special (no different than you would get at your local Mexican Restaurant), but they were still OK. It was weird that my steak was cut up and Am's chicken wasn't though. I found a Hidden Mickey/Hidden Maleficent (depending on which way you look at it) in my peppers:
Our service was extremely slow and my eye problem kept getting worse, so I left early and Am stayed to get our desserts and to pay the bill. We ate them later after a short trip back to Epcot. To tell you the truth, I have NO clue what they were at this point, neither was very good, but that could have been because of their leftover quality:
We like to eat at one of the restaurants at our resort hotel (another mark against values since they don't have restaurants), and of the other choice, I think we picked just wasn't anything "special". Our service was horrible considering there were approximately four families in the entire place and, after I left, she apparently made a bunch of mistakes with the bill that it took my Sister forever to get straightened out. If we ever stay at Coronado Springs again (which I highly doubt), this would still be my restaurant of choice (just with lower expectations).


Linda said...

I so love non spicey Mexican food. Hard to find non spicy though.


Bea said...

It LOOKS like it should be delicious. How disappointing to find it's just another meal.

Heather said...

I think it looks great! I definitely would have had the margarita flight. You don't often find them and I love Mexican food so that probably has a lot to do with my opinions on it ;)

Tiffstitch said...

Sorry to hear about your eyes causing you problems and that likely affected things too, but at least it's something you could eat again.

Vickie said...

We stayed at this resort a couple christmases ago...we will have to try this place next time