Thursday, June 16, 2016

Disney Reviews Resort Food Court Edition #1-Pepper Market

Well, I again ran across a category I hadn't touched on before and since it really doesn't fit under the restaurant or snack categories, I had to create a new entry. Again, I guess this means I'll have to go back and do reviews of all the other food courts as well. Well, by the time I finish all these, at least my reviews will be comprehensive! Only problem is, Disney World changes so much, most of the ones I've already done are out-dated! I may have to go back and update them all...geez!

Anyhoo, every Disney resort (even the values) have a food court, although the deluxes, believe it or not, have the smallest food courts of them all. Since Coronado Springs was a moderate, it has a good-sized one named Pepper Market. Another reason why I always avoided Coronado Springs was because the ordering system at Pepper Market was different to all the others and I was a more than a bit scared of it. Since the food court is an important part of our trip (especially at Wilderness Lodge), my terror kept us away. Come to find out, it really wasn't scary at all (or that different for that matter) and now I will stay away because of all the other issues (that review is HERE).

Normally, the food court is good for a late night snack, but on this trip, it provided more than one breakfast (although not as many as I thought I remembered). We never actually made it to the food court at night (although we did visit the bakery more than once, but that's a review for another day maybe...oh goodness, does that mean I have to add another category for bakeries?).
As per food court-usual, breakfast stations are smaller:
I'm not typically a breakfast person. When I go on solo trips, I rarely ever have breakfast, but since I can't just sit there while someone else eats, I partake as well. My Sister, on the other hand, tends to not only get sick if she doesn't eat breakfast, it also makes her EXTREMELY grumpy, so breakfast we always have. Normally, we just have pastries in whatever park we are at for the day, but we ended up at Pepper Market for two breakfasts, so here we go!

First meal consisted of a Disney staple...Mickey Waffles. I don't eat waffles at home, but there is just something about a Mickey Waffle that makes them really good...I think any food shaped in a Mickey is good, but I'm weird (same with blue food for some reason).
Amber couldn't decide what she wanted, so she ordered a child's waffle plate:
And an egg plate:
Whereas I just went for the adult waffles:
But, as per usual of the whole "Coronado Springs experience", they gave Am my sausage and gave me her bacon, so we had to swap.

On our second breakfast, we both just got the adult platter and a side of eggs and cheese (but we could have split one eggs and cheese because it was too much):
If they got the sausage and bacon mixed up this time, it didn't matter. Thankfully though, since both these breakfasts are a Disney staple, we will be able to get them at any food court at any resort, so I can't really comment much on Pepper Market other than it wasn't as scary as I was expecting and, again, the service wasn't great (but I don't expect much from the food court set, so that was fine).


Linda said...

oh that looks yummy Keiley.


Bea said...

It all looks very tasty - quite like the idea of Mickey waffles.

Mii Stitch said...

Mickey waffles?! I'd love to taste one of those :)

Tiffstitch said...

Good to know the breakfast options, thanks for the review!

Vickie said...

Sounds good...never tried this place before