Thursday, May 26, 2016

More stash, oh my!

Like I actually needed more stash, but my regular journey through the Disney patterns on Etsy led me to another spending splurge at Neni Designs. Since she still has the 10 patterns for $10 sale (as well as a 20/$20 and a 30/$30 now) and she has new Disney designs, my obsession got the better of me. Thankfully, I stuck to the 10, but now I have yet another 10 patterns I will probably never be able to stitch in this lifetime. Without further ado - the one I'm most excited about (and might actually do before Lilo and Stitch Otherwise):
Happy Haunts
There were several that almost made the cut in my previous purchases, but for one reason or another got edged out...this time, however, they got their chance:
Mickey and Minnie Main Street
Disney Halloween 2
Disney Halloween 1
And there were quite a few other new ones:
Mickey and Mickey
I always kicked myself for not getting this as a kit in Disney World during the 35th Anniversary (I picked the other kit instead when I should have just bought both), so this will make a valid substitute:
Disney Heroes 28
These next two stumped me a bit (since they are one picture split) and I will more than likely merge them into one:
Graffiti Disney Villains 2
Graffiti Disney Villains 1
I'm thinking this one would be a good one for my sister:
Afternoon Tea - Alice In Wonderland
And last, but certainly not least, another one that I'm extremely excited about:
Walt Disney and Heroes 2
Now I just have to get more of the copy cover paper I use to print these and yet another large binder for Disney patterns (this will make volume 5). Funny how all that "room to grow" in my new cross stitch stash shelves is almost all full now. Great.


Tiffstitch said...

Nice choices! And there's some new ones, eh? I'll have to check them out again.

craftingpaws said...

Amazing patterns! Love what you picked out. Looking forward to seeing how they progress.

Tama said...

What lovely new stash! I adore the ghostie one :D and the last one is awesome!!!

Joysze said...

Oh man... but what very cute patterns they are!!!

Cross Stitch Claire said...

Some great charts, love the spooky ones!

Bea said...

Come on - you know full well need has nothing to do with it! Love your choices - especially the Halloween ones and the last one. Terrific choices all round.

Linda said...

Thanks Keiley. Now I have to go shopping. Love all of your new stash.


Heather said...

They're all great but I adore the hm one!

Justine said...

Great new stash - I love Alice so of course I like that one but my favourite is the Mickeys shaking hands.

demeter83 said...

I want all of them, beautiful!