Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Top 10 Careers You Would Love/Hate To Have

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This week's topic is a very subjective one for me and tends to flip and flop with my moods (which are as ever-changing as the weather), so I'm just going to go for the careers I'd love/hate right now. Ironic that this topic should come on the heels of my 20th anniversary at my current job...huh, wonder if someone is trying to tell me something? Anyhoo, I think I'm also going to split this one up and do five I'd love and five I'd hate, so first up:


Bet you thought the first one would be Disney related, right? I'll get to that in a moment. I could subdivide this one up into planetary science including geology and biology, but I'm just going to leave it in the general Astronomy field for now. My interests do lie pretty much in the planets (and their moons), ours and those of other stars. I know how excited I was with those first views of Pluto, I can only imagine how those who had spent a lifetime studying it felt. I would love to experience something like that with my career.

On the occasions when I find myself wandering over to my local university's webpage, I tend to always look at the history major specs for some reason. I would have been a good museum curator, one that is buried in the basement, studying and cataloging relics incessantly. That ship has long sailed and I have no idea what I would do with a major in history now (especially since I tend to lean towards Medieval History). I would be a horrible teacher and even worse politician, so who knows. But I do so love the topic, that and literature were my best, but again, what can you do with a degree in literature either but teach? Although, I remember how amazing I felt when my high school literature teacher enlightened me to certain authors, part of me would love to share that with someone else. Most of our history teachers were all the team coaches, so not much fond remembrance for them, but I do for the subject matter. The thought of library science always brews in the back of my mind, especially since I could go either with a degree in history or literature, but by the time I finished school and got my masters, actual human librarians will be a thing of the past.

Obviously, with my art background, my first inclination on this subject would be to work for the animation department, but that ship has also sailed. As far as the parks go, I wouldn't be good in the public eye, but rather good behind the scenes, I'm just not sure where. Honestly, I'd rather just visit than work there, but the thought of having access to the Cast Member-only shopping areas truly makes my mouth drool. Can you want to work somewhere just for the shopping opportunities? I would.

OK, so my grammar sucks and I'm not very good at articulating what I am thinking, even in text, but part of me would love to be a writer...maybe put out a book a year and just travel the rest of the time. I'm not even sure what genre I would write (although I have started several books in the past, everything from fantasy to romance). But, I'm not sure if I could do the meet and greets, so I would have to be a reclusive writer. I do really enjoy blogging, I just can't make any money at it with my current so-called "talent" (basically, I'm a sucky writer who needs a heck of a lot of grammar lessons).

Yes, I am an I.T. Director now, but a self-taught one. I grandfathered into my current job and have no education in this field at all. I wish I knew a bit more than I do so that I would have the option of going somewhere else if I wanted to. As it stands now, they have me leashed up in my office and they like it that way. As long as I make enough money to keep a roof over my head, honestly, I like it that way too, but I do have my moments and it would be nice to know I could go somewhere else.


First oxymoron of the list. To be a better I.T. Director would require an education and the thought of having to go to classes for this subject doesn't appeal to me at all. I have tried it, back in the day (after I stopped being an art major), and I hated every moment of it, especially since I was surrounded by freshly educated young people who actually understood what the professors were talking about. No thanks! If I had to get an education in computer science, I would probably lean more towards programming so I can do it at home, alone.

I've been a government employee before. I worked at two separate Housing Authorities and honestly, if I never step foot in a government office again, it will be none too soon. Despite the incredible benefits and the constant holiday days-off, the work is grueling, extremely stressful, for very low pay, and just not worth it.

I've worked in a factory before and I think everyone should at least once in their life because it does teach humility and work ethics, but I hated every single moment of it (and it's where I met my ex-husband, so there you go). I felt like my brain was dying during my tenure there and I didn't like how I ended up feeling when it was all said and done. But, if times get hard, I know I could do it again if I had to.

As much as I love eating out, I would be horrible in any food capacity. I would constantly be swiping "samples" and would end up even bigger than I already am. Besides, me and the public would be a horrible combination. But, even having decided against it, part of me would love to own a bakery and go to pastry school...but this isn't the love category, now is it?

As I mentioned above, I would be horrible at teaching. Are there cases of Asper's truly thriving in an educational environment? Most of our ticks would keep us from being good mentors and educators. Besides, if I'm honest, I don't like kids, so I wouldn't be a good teacher on that premise alone, so there is no need to even mention my total lack of patience when it comes to others. Maybe at the collegiate level I would be OK, but I can't even guarantee that.

Huh, this list ended up more interesting that I thought it was going to be (and a lot easier than previous weeks). I'm kind of excited for February now!


Linda said...

Very interesting post Keiley.


Heather said...

A lot of our hates are the same except education obviously lol. I would love to be a small business owner namely owning a stitching store. But then I'd probably never work. My number 1 hate is customer service lol. Never again.

Tiffstitch said...

Interesting post and you're much more organized than I am. My list was more willy-nilly as I thought of it.

Jo who can't think of a clever nickname said...

You could be a Disney Historian working in their archive library,
From what I've read you'd be a good film or food critic too, I like your reviews and you remember all the things like what the same dish tasted like in other restaurants.

I'd hate to work in a factory for the same reasons. I also think people should do a spell in retail or food outlets to teach them the same lessons.

Bea said...

You always do interesting lists and this was no exception.

Spent my whole career in government and would not recommend it to anyone! I'm just glad I'm retired and don't have to think about any of this any more.

Vickie said...

I would love to be a Disney Employee!!! Teaching isn't for everyone. There are days I wonder why I got into it!!!!