Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Top 10 Things You Would Take To A Deserted Island-AMENDED

The Suddenly Kate Show

It's Top 10 Tuesday time again! You guys have no idea how good normalcy feels right now! Be sure to check out Kate's and Tiff's for their take on this week's subject.

I have actually given the idea of living in a deserted island quite a lot of thought, probably because I have severe hermitting tendencies and could live quite happily without human interaction for some time (that and I probably watched too much Swiss Family Robinson as a kid). My ideal world would be devoid of people, but obviously that's impossible, especially since I'm also a Disney nut and the parks tend to stay at max capacity now. But without further ado, let's get started!

#1: BAM
Obviously, I wouldn't ever go anywhere without my little bamkin. He's a mess, but I couldn't live without him and I'm pretty sure he feels the same (or at least I hope he does). Here he is sleeping in his "Egyptian mummy mode":

I'm not entirely sure how I would charge electrical devices, but I can't imagine going long periods of time without some sort of music. I could live without TV (or I'd like to think I could), but not without music. Granted, I have several movies and TV shows saved on my iPod (and my #3), so that would technically be cheating, but oh well!

Again, not sure how I would produce electricity to run said computer, but I am still a tech geek at heart, so I would need some sort of computing equipment. I could possibly do without the internet as long as I have #4 and some editing software. I could technically merge #2 and #3 and just use my iPad for both...hmmm...things to think about.

I'm not a good photographer, but I like to take pictures, so I could find tons of things to take pictures of on a deserted island. I somehow manage to take upwards of 5-8000 Disney World pictures every single year without fail (I've got about 6300 Disneyland pics to go through), so I obviously don't get bored with the same location more than once.

I would need crates of it considering most tropical climates and bugs go hand in hand, but since this is a dream scenario here, I could actually do without bug repellent and just wish for a bug free island, right? Well, just in case I can't, let's leave in #5.

Yes, I know that this is technically two things, but they do go hand in hand. Although I don't draw anymore, I do still consider myself and artist and maybe someday I'll pick it back up again, so I would want to make sure that I could do when I wanted to.

I think I could live without every single book in my collection, but I do feel a pull every blue moon to re-read one of the Austen books. I could probably quote a lot of Persuasion without the actual book in front of me, but I still love reading it. Of course, they would also have to be hard-back copies, because paperbacks would never survive on an island for very long (and plus, I just hate reading paperbacks).

Seems like a strange thing to take to a deserted island, but I have no building skills whatsoever and I would not do well out in the elements, so I would need a ready-made dwelling to live in. I don't even think I could do with a Swiss Family Robinson type treehouse...it would have to be more like a deluxe cabin...I don't do well in nature (mainly do to bugs and trees and bugs and animals, and did I mention bugs?). I could have it built with solar panels which would provide me with the needed electricity to solve all of those issues. I'm still not sure how to work out the whole plumbing thing...I could bathe in the ocean, but I don't think I could do other things that you need a bathroom for in the ocean. Can we change from deserted island to just private island? That way plumbing and electricity could be included!

Again, I'm cheating here by merging two things, but these also go together and I would need both. If I had to kill an animal to be able to eat it, I wouldn't ever eat meat again, and since I love meat, obviously I would need a work-around for that. I also couldn't live without my Coke Zeros (and I have tried, numerous times), so I would need a lifetime supply of those as well. Another necessity would be bottled water because I wouldn't be able to drink fresh water knowing that bugs and fish and bugs crapped in it.

Well, obviously since I have brought a house with me, I could just have a duck room added already. Granted, it might take a cruise ship to get all my supplies to the island, especially if I moved my collectibles as well, but I probably have enough to keep me busy for a lifetime anyway, so there you go!

This is an amendment to my original post...Heather so kindly reminded me that I didn't mention cross stitch stash! Stitching on an island would be absolutely perfect for me (although I would still need electricity for all my stitching lights and iPad). Since I'm already shipping down my Disney collection, what's another box or two or five?

Basically, I guess I would need a house, electricity, and a steady shipment of groceries to keep me going on a desert island, but I could do it, bugs and all, just me and my little furry shadow (and, if it came right down to it, #1 is really all I would need). To prevent human interaction, they could just airdrop the supplies to me every month or so and problem solved on that front. Although, if I were to get rescued, I would probably be more Tarzan than human and would be unable to re-assimilate into society, but lack of human interaction tends to do that to me anyway after just a couple of days at home...imagine how bad I'd be after a couple of years!

I look at luxury real estate a lot, especially in England and Scotland, and every once in a while, a private island pops up for sale, usually off the coast of Scotland. That would be the absolute perfect setting for me to be deserted on...enough luxury to keep me happy, no trees of a typical deserted island setting, but the seclusion to abide by the "deserted island" rules, right? Wonder what the bugs are like in Scotland? Unfortunately, it does get really cold there and I don't do well with coldness, so that would mean I'd have to go back to the tropical island scenario. Preferably, one devoid of critters of any sort and either treeless or palm trees only (for some reason they don't scare me like normal trees). Is there such a thing? Probably not. Could I change from one deserted island to another? Tropical in the winter and Scotland in the summer? Yeah, that would work! Or better yet, instead of a deserted island, I would probably do better on an abandoned space ship hurtling alone in space, with enough supplies to keep me and the munchkin alive and the occasional stop on a creature-free planet, yeah, that sounds more like me.


Heather said...

*gasp* no stitching supplies?! Lol that's all I'd need! And sunscreen is I'm pale as all get out and burn easily. Okay and good would be nice. But that's all I need. Maybe my hubby ;)

Justine said...

I love how you tackled this one...basically all your home comforts plus stitching! I couldn't agree more.

Tiffstitch said...

Great post and I'll put up mine now. How did you know the topic? Is it posted somewhere?

Jo who can't think of a clever nickname said...

Your desert island sounds like my kind of place! Scotland has a problem with midges which bite. It can be very nice on the south west side near Oban bacause that's in the Gulf Stream so they have warmer weather. Have you considered one of the Channel Islands? They are much further south so will be warmer and have less midges.