Sunday, November 15, 2015

Stitching & TUSAL

First, I'm late (again) on my ORT jar pic. I didn't buy a bunch of stuff at Disneyland, but the few things I did buy were really exciting, none more so than the Disneyland Haunted Mansion I have a matching set!
Is it weird that I'm so excited over having matching hearses? Probably so, but I wear my weird badge stapled to my forehead, so it's not shocking.

Last week I set a goal for finish row 2 on Alice and the B's. Thankfully, about mid-day Saturday, I managed to accomplish it, confetti be damned! I left off here:
finished the row here at 361.42 hrs (which bothers me a bit because I have six more rows...this project is going to take a lifetime to finish!):
And the full two rows:
I even managed to do a bit more Saturday night:
But I also promised myself that when I finished the row, I would go back to Maleficent, which I did on Sunday. I left her off here back on July 1st at the row finish:
I had a rough day concentrating, but I did manage a bit of work:
As excited I was to get back to her, I had forgotten what a pain the confetti is. At this stage it's pretty easy, it's just the fill-in part that really sucks and I know that's next. I think that's why I had such a bad focused day (or at least I hope that was the reason). I'm not sure if I'm going to keep working her on this or not, but hopefully I'll be able to focus. I had a strong desire to work on Cinderella Castle again (for a reason I'll reveal later). Theoretically, I could actually finish it in a week if I compare its progress to that of Sleeping Beauty Castle, I'm just not sure I'm ready to dedicate a whole week to it, a prospective finish or not. We'll see how I feel about it tomorrow.


Heather said...

Congrats they look great! I'm planning on buying evil queen and stitching her on a hand dye without the background. Cool new stuff :)

Annie said...

Beautiful stitching!

Tiffstitch said...

Hooray for finishing the row! And nice progress on Maleficent. I can't wait to hear what the reason for the castle start might be. Hope the focusing issues go away and don't come back.

Caitlin @ Naughts Cross Stitches said...

Gorgeous stitching 😀 you make so much progress on your projects.