Friday, November 13, 2015

Bucket List Fridays - Concert Edition

Due to a certain conversation at work, I've decided to start a new blog series called Bucket List Fridays. Basically, I'll be picking a subject a week (and ideas are encouraged and welcomed) and listing my top 5 bucket list items for that subject. I will try to forgo my usual 1000 word essay on the who's and why's and just stick to the list, but I can't promise anything! Oh, and please feel free to join me because I'd love to hear other people's views on the same topics.

This week's topic is concerts, more specifically, who are my top 5 bands to see in concert. I haven't been to a lot of concerts in my life, and I've seen Duran 13 times (which is about three times as much as all my other concerts put together), but there are still bands and/or singers who I'd like to see before I die (although the odds are extremely unlikely).

This will always be matter how many times I see them, it's NEVER enough.

Obviously, this would require a visit to Britian, but if the stars all align right...

Granted, he hasn't put out an album in years, but I still love him and I know how good he is live.

I've got several of their concerts on DVD, so I know what a great live band they are, I'd just really like to see for myself!

Hence the reason for this series...their new tour is taking them close enough for a day trip (Kansas City), so I texted my Sister to see if she might want to go. She asked if they were coming to Chicago since we've talked about going back there again on a museum trip, and since they are, we just might do it! I still have to get the money together for the tickets, but it's looking pretty bucket item list might actually get checked off this year!

I'm not sure what next Friday's list is yet, but if anyone is interested in joining me, I'll be sure to decide on something.


Heather said...

It's a good list good luck on finishing it!

KnitCave said...

Good list. Mine is

1. Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds. Seen them lots of times, never loose their appeal.
2. The Fall. Always exciting, slightly chaotic but good fun night of anticipation.
3. Adam Ant - seen once. Amazing. Have tickets for next year's tour.
4. Carter USM, sadly now disbanded but saw them masses when I was younger and caught Jim Bob at Glastonbury a couple of years ago.
5. Patti Smith. Never seen but ...
Anyway, that is today an I'm fickle so the only constant would be number 1.

Jo who can't think of a clever nickname said...

I'd have to time travel to see my Bucket List!

1. Queen (seen a few times)
2. Led Zepplin (never got to see them, hubby did)
3. Iron Maiden (in a small venue, missed out seeing them because there wasn't a spare seat in the car)
4. Pink Floyd (seen Roger Waters)
5. Black Sabbath (in their heyday, I was too young although I've seen Ozzy solo a few times)

Tiffstitch said...

Cool idea! I'm up to try joining you as well. This topic is kind of difficult for me since I don't go to concerts and never have. I'd likely have to time travel life Jo. Queen, The Kinks, Meghan Trainor, Me First And the Gimme Gimmes and Tilt. The last 2 are punk bands and the last one sold years and years ago.

Justine said...

Great list! I'd be too embarrassed to publish mine but having said that Depeche Mode would definitely be on it!