Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Disney Movies - DAY 100!!!!

I finished Fraggle Rock last night, so you know what that means...I HAVE DONE IT! I have watched all my Disney DVDs!! It took me one hundred days, some days watching dozens of discs others just one or two, but I have finished my entire collection (well, minus all the Travel Channel-type documentaries, the old Disney produced Disney World discs, and the like). I'd like to say that I'm looking forward to watching normal TV again, but I have this overwhelming desire to watch Sleeping Beauty and the Avengers again tonight...go figure!

Here are the final totals:
Live Action Movies: 108
Full-Length Animation Movies: 117
Mixed-Medium Movies: 12
Animated Shorts: 432
Live Action Shorts: 2
Mixed-Medium Shorts: 3
Animated Series: 247
Live Action Series: 50
Mixed-Medium Series: 2
Documentaries: 14
Concerts: 3

I've kind of built a new-found respect for that second-gen Disney movie that I've spent years hating (although some of them I still don't like) and I'd like to say that I'm not as judgmental about the animation quality as I used to be (but that might just be a blip). Watching some movies back-to-back, especially the sequels, really didn't help my crappy animation fixation and I'm kind of gland the era of the cheap rush-out sequels are pretty much over with. Some movies, no matter how many times I watch them, I still don't "get" their hype although I can respect them from a Disney fan perspective. I was really surprised at the number of movies I had either never even watched or hadn't seen in so long I didn't remember even watching them. Of course, there are the ones I will never forget watching even as a little tyke back in the day, and those are the ones that are still near and dear to my heart.

As I prepare for my very first journey to Disneyland, to the park where not only Walt walked in, but where most of my beloved animators had a hand in building, hopefully my crappy photographer eye will be able to see more than just the general and find those little touches that only a massive Disney geek would get. That's always been my disappointment with the thousands of Disney World pictures I've taken throughout the years, they seem to have no "heart" if that makes sense. I think immersing myself in these movies have restored that missing part of my heart and maybe next year I'll be able to see Disney World in a new light as well...but Disneyland first!

Thanks to every single one of you who read these diatribes on animation or feminism or whatever I was complaining about at the time. Compared to the normal world, I am often referred to as passionless and, in a lot of ways, I am where it counts...that's just life as an Asper. But the very few things in life that I am passionate about get my whole self and Disney is right at the top of the list and always will be. That's the great thing about having a blog, I get to express my passionate side and there are those out there that "get" it and, maybe in little ways, "get" me. That's not something that happens in my day-to-day, so thank you to everyone! I'm among great blog friends and I am grateful for you guys every single day...now I just have to get caught up on reading y'all's blogs because I'm horribly behind!

Oh, and I will probably be starting Kate's Top 10 Tuesdays next week. For those of you unaware, go over to her blog, The Suddenly Kate Show, and check it out! Every Tuesday you post a Top 10 list of whatever the subject is for the week. I believe she's put up most of September's subjects and I'm really excited to get started...I just need a bit of a blog break first (and work is really killing me right now).

Again, thanks to you all and don't forget to check out Kate's blog!


Justine said...

Congratulations on making it! I haven't always commented, and lots of the time I didn't have a clue who/what you were writing about, but your posts are always well-written and interesting. I look forward to reading your Top Ten Tuesday posts coming up soon!

Tiffany Pincombe said...

Huge congrats on following through on a massive undertaking! And glad to hear it's helped get you excited instead of frustrated for Disneyland.

Kate N said...

100 days! Has it been that long? Wow! Its flown by. I am glad that you are starting to prepare yourself mentally for Disneyland and you will have a great time I am sure. I am looking forward to you joining us next week...but ....I wish it was this week :( heheh

Linda said...

Awesome job Keiley. I really enjoyed reading your reviews.


Heather said...

Congrats on finishing! To me Disneyland always had more heart than wdw. Dl is made more for Disney fans it seems while wdw is just made for tourists. Have fun!

Jo who can't think of a clever nickname said...

Congratulations on finishing the Epic Adventure! Your reviews have been brilliant, very insightful.

I'm looking forward to your Tuesday lists now.