Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Disney Movies - Days 58 & 59

Sorry I missed hot water heater busted at home and there was major drama at work (again). I did watch my Disney movies though and it shouldn't take me too long to get caught back up.

I'm still living in DCOM-land and started Monday night with Geek Charming. This is one of my favorite non-musical DCOMs because, not only does it have a good message, but it really is a compelling storyline and, despite her near anorexic frame, I think that Sarah Hyland has the potential to be a really good actress. This movie is a few years old and I don't know if she's still that skinny (I don't watch Modern Family), but I did often find myself shaking my head at her tiny arms and legs more than I paid attention to the movie. Normally, I don't watch it that closely because I'm usually stitching, but my stitching mojo disappeared at some point during the weekend and I'm having trouble getting it back, so this time it got my full attention. I still love it though, so on with the trailer.

There were 10 episodes of Shake It Up on this disc, but I didn't watch them because I never liked that show, so I guess that's special features that won't get added to my count.

Then it was time for Princess Protection Program. This is another really good DCOM with Demi Lovato and Selena Gomez, but one thing that always bothered me about this movie was that I always felt like they were cast in the wrong roles...Selena should have been the Princess. I've tried to analyze why I feel that way and the only thing I can come up with is that Demi has always seemed more down to earth to me, whereas Selena strikes me more as the Princess type. This was also one that could have done with a sequel, but it was never meant to be.

I did manage to squeeze in one more movie Monday night, but I kind of got a shock when I realized that Prom isn't a Disney Channel Original Movie afterall, but a real, full-fledged Disney movie. I had only ever seen it once before, when I initially got the DVD, but apparently I must have been stitching and not paying too much attention to it. This movie seems long and drawn-out, parts of it go on forever and are quite boring, so I had trouble staying focused. But by the time the ending rolled around, something weird had happened...all that extra drag between the characters had served one very important purpose, to get me to care about them. In the final minutes of the movie, I was crying, laughing, and had completely forgotten that I had spend probably a good hour and a half thinking how boring the movie was! That doesn't happen to me very often. If you can manage to actually make to the prom with this movie, then the ending is definitely worth it (but I wouldn't begrudge you if you couldn't!).

Tuesday I continued on the same path, but with a different theme. I also only managed to make it through two, again with no stitching, so I was completely focused on a series that I guess I hadn't paid that close attention to in the past. I will say, because I no longer have the Disney Channel, I'm really gonna miss these movies this year because they do still play them every single Mons-tober (what they call October) so, of course I'm talking about the Halloweentown series, starting first with Halloweentown. I'm not really sure I have ever seen this movie all the way through before. All the others I've seen numerous times (especially the last one), but parts of this one didn't ring any bells. It's really nothing special, just one of those really cute kids movies that I would think any parent would be OK with. I couldn't find a decent trailer for the first movie, so please forgive the quality of this:

Then I watched the second one, Halloweentown II: Kalabar's Revenge. It's not bad for a sequel and, like the first one, I had never actually seen the entire movie, only parts of it (usually the ending), so it was nice to watch in its entirety:

I tried to watch the next in line, Halloweentown High, but I fell asleep (it's been a ROUGH week), so I'll start with it tonight. Here's hoping for a drama-free day and a full-on stitching night!

Live Action: 58
Full-Length Animation: 87
Mixed-Medium: 8
Animated Shorts: 280
Live Action Shorts: 1
Mixed-Medium Shorts: 3
Animated Series: 77
Mixed-Medium Series: 2
Documentaries: 8


Heather said...

I love the halloweentown movies. I haven't caught up on the more recent dcoms but I watched model behavior and smart house the other night.

Kate N said...

All I can say really should be watching modern family !

Tiffany Pincombe said...

I haven't seen any of these movies. :) I hope this week will be better for you.

Kate said...

Bummer about the hot water heater! That stinks. I hope your stitching bug returns and you have a better week. But at least you enjoyed some movies.

Vickie said...

I have not seen any of these movies..thanks for telling me about them.