Monday, March 2, 2015


My cold may be gone, but my headaches are back with a vengeance. And thanks to all the ice, my doctor's appointment got cancelled. I've still got a few headache headache meds left, but I have to be pretty sparing with them...the light and moderates can only get Excedrin. I've been out of the pain meds for months. Guess it's safe to say I'm not addicted to them (which was something I've always been scared of). But it sure makes it hard to tell which headaches are bad enough to take the headache meds since I can't dilute the pain enough to tell. Even a light one makes me want to icepick my brain. Until all this crappy weather stops though, I'll just have to hold out.

I only managed a few days of stitching this week, but I did spend what little stitching time on Maleficent. I'm trying so hard to love this project, but it's been really hard, Maleficent or not. Stitching the holes is boring, filling in the holes is boring and can get messy. I started with a dark blue, managed to fill in a bunch of holes with black, but now I'm creating more holes with another dark blue very similar to the first. I left off here:
and now I'm here at 61.42hrs:
You can't even tell there are three different colors there.

I didn't stitch at all today, I slept most of it, but I did get some TV in and it was REALLY nice to have Once Upon A Time back...I really missed it! I have so few joys in this world, what ones I do have mean a lot. So, in honor, how about a couple of fan videos of my two favorite OUAT couples, Snow and Charming:

and, as much as I hate to admit it, simply because I'm not a Jennifer Morrison fan, Emma and Hook:

I am always in awe of fan videos. The effort and talent involved in these amazes me. I wish I could make them. Even the ones I've seen that I love, there are always things I would change about them (usually the music). It takes real passion for a show or characters to create these. I'm not a fan of fan fiction overall, but I do love fan videos. Must be the artist in me, I'm a very visual person.


Heather said...

Hook is so dreamy though! I missed the episode last night since I was at work. Maleficent looks great! If she's becoming too stressful try working on a bright colored project in between. Otherwise she may turn into a UFO. Good luck!

Miamina said...

You're doing really well with Maleficent, considering it's such a chore for you!

Sorry to hear about the headaches, I hope they ease soon.

homeschooljewelrymom said...

I'm sorry you're having such bad headaches :-( I hope you get your medicine soon. Lovely stitching.

Linda said...

Amazing progress Keiley. It still blows me away at how much you get done on these. I hope your headache goes away soon.


Stitching Angel said...

Great stitching.

Vickie said...

Great Progress! I love Once Upon a Time.....