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Disney Reviews Ride Edition #11 - Liberty Belle Riverboat

Again, like the TTA, this is one of those rides most people don't think of as a "ride", but it's one I try to never miss (and typically only have when it's been down for rehab). Granted, I rarely listen to the out-dated Mark Twain/Samuel Clemens audio (and it's not like you can really hear it anyway it's so faint), but the ride around the Rivers of America and the views of the Haunted Mansion and Tom Sawyer's Island are, in themselves, a nice respite from your day. We usually go up to the top where the sun is blazing down on you and there are barely any seating, but I like it up there. It's located in Liberty Square, right before you get to The Haunted Mansion, and it takes about 15-20 minutes for a trip 'round ol' man river. Let's get on with the pics (and I'm sticking with mainly last year's photos for simplicity's sake...the view from here rarely changes, but there might be a couple thrown in from other years).

Something I rarely do...a loading pic:
I really love to watch the paddle wheel go round and round, it's almost hypnotizing:
The Haunted Mansion from the dock:
You can see Rapunzel's tower from afar:
And the ride is slow enough that zooming in on far away things is easy:
2013 (12)-3320
Cindy's castle and what used to be my favorite walkway along the backside of Frontierland (they made they smoking area here, so it's hard to walk through now). It used to be great because no one was ever on it and you could get places quickly:
Rafts loading up to head to Tom Sawyer Island:
2013 (12)-3369
I hate fake deer almost as much as real ones:
2013 (12)-3370
Love the graffiti:
2013 (12)-3338
Just goes to show how good Disney is with the theming...this is the backside of Big Thunder Mountain Railroad that no one sees (well, no one other than the people on the Liberty Belle):
And here's more:
Upon occasion you'll catch a train car:
Anyone who has read the Kingdom Keepers series might recognize this piece:
But I kind of prefer Wilson's cave:
Which I know is Wilson's cave because I've shot it from multiple angles throughout the years:
2013 (12)-3393
There are all sorts of little touches along the river most fake:
But some real:
Big Thunder from behind the Tom Sawyer Island swinging bridge (one of these days I've got to get back over to Tom's Island...I haven't been there since I was a kid):
And one of my favorite shots of the same bridge, but with Cinderella's Castle in the background:
2013 (12)-3366
Haunted Mansion queue line pre-cemetery:
And docked again:
Throughout the years, I've zoomed in on various aspects of the mansion. Most of these things you can't even see from around the Mansion because of the awnings and foliage. Since they put in the new awnings and rehabbed the queue area, it's almost impossible to get a picture of the front door now:
2013 (12)-3328
2013 (12)-3329
2013 (12)-3330
2013 (12)-3409
And, again, the theming extends all the way past what people in the queue actually get to see sometimes:
2013 (12)-3403
I love shots like this without all the guests mucking it up:
2013 (12)-3410
I also like the random shadow pic as well...not sure why, probably because you can't see my face that way:
2013 (12)-3325
On the random occasions I've actually shot inside the boat, it really is very pretty:
2013 (12)-3420
2013 (12)-3422
It amazes me how many people skip over this. I don't think "exciting" or "thrilling" when I think of Disney World (although there are exciting and thrilling aspects to it), I think "story" and The Liberty Belle is one of those places loaded with story!

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