Monday, December 22, 2014

IHSW - December 2014

Well, the last International Hermit and Stitch Weekend has passed for 2014! This is the first year since I started doing the IHSW that I actually missed a couple of months. Hopefully next year I'll be able to stick to a regular schedule (unless I get sidetracked by Disneyland planning).

I worked on Angel and Tartan B this weekend, but I didn't get a ton done because I ended up having to do some work for one of my bosses on Saturday and I went to Hobby Lobby and got the thread for Maleficent. On Sunday I got Pea mounted and ready for framing and got my thread for Maleficent wound up. I'm still waiting on the paper to come in to print her off, but I'm not going to start her until Angel is finished (or I might not finish Angel at all). I did manage a bit of work on Angel throughout the week and ended here:

Starting with my progress Friday:


and Sunday:

Tartan B ended here:

but I did manage to get a bit into the blue yesterday:
I definitely prefer the new blue to the old and I'm still happy that I scrapped the old one on linen in favor of this one on Aida (although I can't bring myself to throw away the old start just yet).

Hopefully, with a slack holiday schedule and a day off, I'll be able to get a chunk done on Angel. For a Quick Stitch, it's filled with confetti and it's driving me mad in areas, especially the wings and necklace. At least she's a standard size and I won't need to get her framed. I might have a mat cut professionally for her since she is going up at work, but any old frame should do.


Linda said...

I'm still amazed at how much you get done on those HAED's each week. Amazing progress and please don't quit working on her.


Claudette497 said...

You're really chugging along!

TinkerCrafter said...

Beautiful progress! These HAED designs are always so lovely.

Deb said...

Your HAED looks fantastic! Very pretty work!

Miamina said...

Your progress is wonderful! Well done :)

Bea said...

That's excellent progress.