Thursday, September 18, 2014

Disney Reviews: Special Edition #4 - Tangled Bathroom

Nope, that wasn't a typo in the title, this is a post about a bathroom! But, as with everything Disney, even the bathrooms are extraordinary and this one is no exception. I may have mentioned once or twice (or twelve) times that Tangled, despite it being a "new generation" Disney animated movie, is my second favorite Disney movie ever (with, of course, Sleeping Beauty being #1). This bathroom is located in the Magic Kingdom in old Fantasyland behind It's A Small World.

When they decided to rip out the old Skyway building:

remember the Skyway?

It's also where they used to have Cinderella's Coach during the Halloween Party:

and replace it with a bathroom, I have to admit I was pretty first. But as more and more of it came to light:

the more I was extremely impressed! It's really hard to believe it went from the Skyway to this!
2013 (10)-1380
2013 (10)-1379
2013 (12)-0402
2013 (12)-0395
2013 (10)-1382
Flynn's bag is stuck atop the boys bathroom:
2013 (12)-0397
2013 (12)-0399
2013 (10)-1383
entrance to the girls bathroom:
2013 (12)-0398
2013 (12)a-0163
I must have my lamp moment:
2013 (12)-0403
2013 (12)a-0165
2013 (12)a-0164
2013 (12)-3281

and looking the opposite way:
2013 (10)-1376
2013 (12)-0401
2013 (10)-1381
2013 (12)a-0168
(I do believe I spy a Keebles in the background here!)

You could literally walk around this thing all day and not see everything. There are charging stations for your electronic devices (hidden in the logs above), there are hidden Pascals all over the place:
2013 (12)-0406
although we've only ever found the one:
2013 (12)-0407

Maximus has been here as well:
2013 (12)-0391
2013 (12)-0392
and this must be why:
2013 (12)-0396

There is even a hidden creek running through (and it's nice to see they kept at least some of the old Skyway's water feature):
2013 (12)-0404
2013 (12)-0405
2013 (12)a-0169
2013 (12)a-0173

and it's equally gorgeous at night:
2013 (10)-0964
2013 (10)-0966
2013 (10)-0967
2013 (10)-0968
2013 (10)-0969
2013 (10)-0970
2013 (10)-0971
2013 (10)-0972
2013 (10)-0973
2013 (10)-0974

I probably should feel weird taking pictures in a bathroom, but I don' a matter of fact, I probably feel less weird about that than I do taking pictures in a restaurant! Go figure!

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