Monday, September 8, 2014

Disney Reviews: Snack Edition #11 - Flatbreads

I debated long and hard whether to make this a restaurant review for Roaring Forks (the counter service in Disney's Wilderness Lodge Resort) or a the end, I went with snack simply because when I consume flatbread it is always a late night snack for me (because the stupid park restaurants close to dad-gum early!) and, whether I'm staying at Wilderness Lodge or elsewhere, I still end up at whichever resort's counter service place for the flatbread (and I often do it a lot more on solo trips than on family ones). They do have pizza at various counter service locations throughout the park (and, Pizza Planet at Disney's Hollywood Studios, is typically my usual lunch counter service spot), but for the purposes of this review, let's stick to the resort flatbread.

Oh, and I should probably tell you...all pizza/flatbread across the entire Disney property is EXACTLY the same (just their coordinating shapes...rectangle for flatbread and round for pizza). Disney had a special on TV years ago about how food is prepared on property and they showed their special pizza machine they have that is MASSIVE and creates all the pizzas for the entire property en masse. Then they just seal them up and ship them out to the locations. So, unless you get pizza delivery to your room, they are always gonna taste the same. I get the biggest kick out of the people who complain on the DisBoards about so-and-so's pizza at such-and-such place is so nasty compared to so-and-so's and the other such-and-such place. Unless the cast members are adding booger toppings, that just ain't possible (although they can overcook them and they can wind up burnt, I'll concede that fact).

Like I said, I usually hit the counter service after we return from the parks, so this snack is usually consumed from the comfort (and privacy) of my own room, but not always. Last year, I was lazy and just ate it in Roaring Forks:
2013 (12)-0707

In October of last year, I didn't get one because Yacht Club doesn't have a counter service. They share one with the Beach Club and I didn't feel like carting around a food tray through two resorts to get back to my room. Although I prefer eating it in my room, a fat chick carrying a food tray through the resort is not a pretty sight and I'm extremely uncomfortable about it.

I really don't see the need to post dozens of pics of the same pizza over and over throughout the years, but here is when it was still actually a pizza in 2006 (before they went to the "healthier" flatbread):


Linda said...

Oh my those look good.


Tiffany Pincombe said...

Thanks for clearing up the flatbread/pizza controversy for me. I would have been clueless.

I know Kate already nominated you for the Mystery Case blogging award, but I did too, because yours is the blog I've been reading the most lately!