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Disney Reviews: Snack Edition #4 - Egg Rolls

This review is going to be a bit different because it doesn't center on a particular snack at a particular location, but rather a particular snack at TWO particular locations...egg rolls. Again, these are the MUST HAVES for every single trip from both spots and, despite the fact that it's the same snack, believe it or not, they do actually taste completely different. I really can't explain that because no matter where they come from, they still have the appearance of plain old frozen egg rolls (and probably are), they just don't end up tasting that way.

First up, Lotus Blossom Cafe in the China Pavilion at Epcot. Now, I've had a few entree items from their menu, and I have to agree with the general Disney-going population that they pretty much taste like your local Chinese delivery place. But there is just something special about those little pastry-wrapped delights! Maybe it's the atmosphere that changes their flavor? I don't think so (even though I might be willing to argue that food just tastes BETTER in Disney World). Besides, I don't know about yours, but our local delivery places seem to always confuse spring rolls with egg rolls (probably think we won't know the difference)...I do...SIZE!

Getting egg rolls from Lotus Blossom has been a tradition with me since 1999 and I haven't skipped a year since. It does tend to be a late night treat and, considering we usually go during the Food & Wine Festival, it's a good way to soak up all the alcohol you "might" consume (not saying we do, but not denying either).

So, let's get on with the pictures, shall we? Oh, and I should warn you, in case you haven't already noticed, my Sister tends to walk ahead of me (because I'm either hobbling from swollen footsies (a side effect of Disney vacationing) or taking pictures), so her back/butt tends to be in most all my pictures.

Lotus Blossom is located just to the left of China's Nine Dragons Restaurant (which also gets so-so reviews, but I kind of like it):

And is a typical counter service location:

But here is the piece de resistance:
And yes, I DROWN them in soy sauce. These have a bit more of a teriyaki flavor and I think they must spice up the oil a bit (which is the only excuse I can give for why they taste different than regular frozen egg rolls). The ones here are pork.

My other 'must have' egg roll location is the Yak & Yeti's Local Food Cafe which is the counter service attached to the Yak & Yeti Restaurant in Disney's Animal Kingdom. It is more of a recent visitation site because Yak & Yeti is not that old (even though the counter service opened before the table service restaurant).

Here you can choose one egg roll or two (although I do typically get two) and you can choose either pork or vegetable (although I'm more of a meat person and have never tried the veggie):
(my Sister always gets the fried rice)

These egg rolls have a more ginger flavor to them (again, I think they infuse the oil), but the seating area is much better and really heavily themed, although it is outdoors (which, in Animal Kingdom, is an issue because giant birds and rats...yes rats, come up to your table to try to get food and because of the conservation theme, they are not discouraged - I will endeavor to get pictures of them this trip...I've always been so creeped out, I never tried before). But here is some snaps of the seating area.

There are other places to get egg rolls in Disney World (apparently, there is, or was, a cart in Adventureland that sells them, but I've never had them there), but these are my two favorites!

Oh, and if nothing else good comes out of these reviews, at least I know where I'm lacking in the Disney photo department!

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