Thursday, August 28, 2014

Disney Reviews: Show Edition #3 - Off Kilter

Rarely ever does Disney disappoint me. Today, I was disappointed. News came out that Off-Kilter (as well as Mo'Rockin' and several other long term Epcot street acts) are going buh-bye. So, I'm interrupting my pre-scheduled posts to do an Off-Kilter dedication post (and just typing those words pisses me off and makes me want to cry in sadness at the same time). If the band made the decision to quit performing at Epcot then I have to respect it, but if some tight-fisted Disney exec made the decision, you sir or madam, SUCK and we HATE you! The web is going CRAZY today with the news, so I'm not the only nutcase upset. There WILL be a complaint card filled out when we get there, but as a passholder, a stockholder, a D23 member and a Disney Visa member, my opinion does matter and I'm NOT happy (and I may write them a letter as well). To make matters worse, their last day is my friggin Birthday!!! What a crappy present! But, for today at least, I'll just rant it out here and try my damnedest to give them a good send off!!

Off-Kilter, located just on the outskirts of the Canada Pavilion in Epcot's World Showcase, is basically a Celtic rock band with a decidedly Scottish flair. They have been there for so long, they even have their own stage!
2013 (12)-2239
2013 (10)-0290
2013 (10)-0291
the old stage:

Luckily, I have most all of their CD's, so it's not like I'll be doing without completely, but it still sucks. How about a video? I haven't done this yet with these reviews because I didn't want to clog things up with them, but this is a special occasion:

Off-Kilter, you will be sorely missed! Disney, you got some 'splainin to do!!

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Linda said...

Great band. Thanks for the video.