Monday, August 18, 2014

Disney Reviews: Shopping Edition #1 - World of Disney Store

Considering I spend SOOO much money at Disney World shopping, how I managed to do this many reviews and NOT cover the stores is a down-right miracle (and shameful)! So let me rectify my mistake now and start with not only the best, but the absolute biggest, The World of Disney Store at Downtown Disney. As of now, WOD is the largest Disney Store in the entire world. They are building a bigger one in Shanghai, but I'm hoping that the new additions coming to Downtown Disney (soon to be Disney Springs) which also brings an expansion of WOD, will change that. Disney is as American as apple pie (which I can't stand, BTW), so WE should have the largest store. But I digress.

When it comes to WOD, there is practically everything here! It is extremely massive, but is divided up into sections like kitchenwares, women, men, children's clothing, jewelry, knick-knacks, girls toys, boys toys, seasonal stuff, hats, collectibles, pins, and the list goes on and on. Don't think you can't get lost in here because it seems so open, looks are very deceiving when it comes to this store and I still get turned around after all these years (and not just because I'm navigationally challenged).

One thing you should know about shopping ANYWHERE in Disney World...if you see something you want, don't hesitate, get it! Even though there is a lot of the same stuff in all the stores, not everything is everywhere, some things are park or location specific, sometimes they simply sell out, and other times they change the displays overnight and restock with something else. I wish I had a dime for every single time I went "well, I have to think about it" only to decide I want it, return to get it, and it is gone. I look for the item everywhere else, but never see it again. That would probably be my single biggest Disney tip for anyone! I have paid jacked up prices on eBay later on to get some of those things and I don't recommend it. So definitely, if you want it, get it right then!!

Another thing you should know about Downtown Disney in opens later than the parks, around 10am, but by midday and for the rest of the day and night, it is SUPER crowded. I HATE going to DTD in the afternoon/evening unless I'm just there to eat. The crowds are horrendous! Downtown is free to everyone, including the locals, so it fills up like mad. I have been known to just give up and have to leave WOD because I just can't stand the crowds. And, believe me, those awful Disney guests I always complain about are ALL at DTD. You will get pushed out of the way, shoved, stepped on, run over, and every other rude method they can think of to get you out of their way. And definitely go NOWHERE near Downtown Disney on Halloween night. I will NEVER do that again! It took me 45 minutes (I kid you not) to cross a walkway from one store to the one directly across from it! One of my top five worst Disney moments ever. You couldn't PAY me to go on New Years Eve!

There are numerous entrances to WOD and these are definite "look up" places. As a matter of fact, the pictures that I do have inside the store (and yes, I even take pictures inside stores), are all pretty much above eye level. I try to do that as often as possible, not only to capture what's above, but because SOMEONE invariably always looks directly at my lens, eyes bugging, mouth open, with a dumb look on their face like "why are you taking a picture of me?". Well, idiots, I'm not, you're in MY way! I'd have to say, in my 24,000 Disney World pictures throughout the years (and yes, that is a pretty accurate count), 1 in 3 have someone looking directly at me with a scowl. I don't look at other people taking pictures, so why do people do that to me? Doesn't help my Asper paranoia, that's for sure, because it proves what I secretly think inside, that everyone is staring at me and everyone knows I'm a weirdo! But I am digressing (yet again). Let's see some WOD, shall we?


My favorite entrance is the Stitch entrance...especially since unsuspecting guests don't know he spits! You'd think the big puddle of water on the ground would be their first clue, but it never fails you'll hear a squeal the closer you get and someone got 'Stitched'.
2013 (12)-0125

Then there is the Huey, Dewey, and Louie entrance...
2013 (10)-0231

The Princess entrance:

The Mickey, Minnie, & Pluto entrance (forgive the Christmas decorations, this was from last December):
2013 (12)-0187

and several others that I apparently need to get pictures of!!

Looking up, down, left, right, and every which way is a must in this store:
2013 (12)-0129
2013 (12)-0131
2013 (12)-0135
2013 (12)-0134
2013 (10)-0234
2013 (10)-0233
2013 (10)-0235

I have dozens more, but let's leave some as a surprise, shall we?

But you are guaranteed to find everything you need in this store! Plan on spending at least a couple of hours here. I'm a grab-and-go kind of girl, but even I get swept up in the Disneyness of it. I find some of the strangest things in this store. Plus, if you have a Disney Visa, if you are an annual Passholder, or a DVC member, you can get a 10% discount on all merchandise over $50, which is a HUGE savings if you spend like we do!

My only complaint would be the lack of big enough carriers for potential purchases. Every year, I write Disney a letter, telling them the good and bad points of my trip (aka...GET RID OF THOSE BLOODY LIGHT UP NECKLACES - AT LEAST ON DARK BUSES!), and I always mention that WOD NEEDS shopping carts! As it stands, we fill a basket, take it to the counter, fill another basket, have to relocate the same counter, fill another basket, again find the same get's painful after a while and is often a deterrent for me spending as much (which my pocketbook probably appreciates). I'd buy tons more if I had a cart to put it all in! Just sayin!


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